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All you need to know about the new Minecraft biome, Cherry Blossom: Release date and news

Minecraft’s newest update is almost here, and it’s bringing a new biome and much more with it. Take a look at everything on offer when 1.20 is released.

All you need to know about the new Minecraft biome, Cherry Blossom: Release date and news

Minecraft is about to change once again, thanks to the release of update 1.20, known as the “Trails and Tales” update. With self-expression through representation, storytelling, and worldbuilding, the latest huge content drop for the biggest game in the world is arriving on June 7, 2023.

While fans have been waiting for months ever since details started trickling onto the internet, Mojang and Microsoft are finally ready to launch what might be the largest amount of changes coming to the game ever. The list of features planned for this update is quite large, but take alook at some of the most important things coming, according to the official site.

The Cherry Blossom biome and bamboo

The Cherry Grove is Minecraft’s newest biome, comprised almost entirely of cherry trees. The place is absolutely beautiful, with pink wood and petals swirling around everywhere, as this trees give players a new kind of wood and material that’ll open many possibilities for creative builders. While not a new tier of materials, this biome expands on the decorative options available in the game and will surely be the location of many new bases.

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As for bamboo, this other wood has been in the game for a few years, but now you’ll be able to use it as much as any other kind of wood for your constructions. No longer will this plant be relegated as only panda food.

Archeology, snifflers, camels and more

Perhaps the biggest novelty in patch 1.20 is the arrival of archeology, a new activity in which you’ll be able to dig around the sand to find buried ruins and use the new brush tool to uncover treasures in suspicious sand and gravel blocks. You’ll also find pottery in dungeons and structures, and that’s an entirely different adventure to be had. There are some rather large mysteries here that Mojang isn’t revealing yet.

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This new feature will change the way you look at the many curiosities in the world and may lead you to find a Sniffer Egg. The gentle giant can be hatched and raised, and will eventually lead you to ancient plants and seeds.

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Of course, if you’re digging in ruins you’ll need some transport, and here’s where camels come in. This new rideable mob can be found in desert village biomes and is able to be saddled and ridden through the desert at high speed. And for the first time, this is a ride that can have two players ride at the same time, so you can have adventures together without getting lost and having to find each other near the “weird-looking” cactus.

Smithing just got a whole lot easier

Last, but definitely not least, here’s something for the blacksmiths among us: Smithing Templates are coming to the game, letting you alter the appearance of tools and armor so you can customize your entire outfit. These templates can be found in several ways, from trading with villagers to delving into dungeons and temples. Of course, they all come at a cost, but that’s to be expected for Minecraft.

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