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Captain America 4 is getting a name change, no longer titled New World Order

Marvel Studios has announced a new official name for Cap’s fourth movie, leaving behind Captain America: New World Order.

Captain America 4 is getting a name change, no longer titled New World Order

At the moment there is not much news about the fourth Captain America movie, regarding a certain strike that has paralyzed almost every other production from Marvel Studios and the rest of Hollywood, so that absence of news is almost positive. However, today we got a curious update about the film: Captain America: Now World Order is now to be titled Captain America: Brave New World.

Marvel has not given specific reasons for this change, but they did accompany the news with a photo of the production in which two of the film’s great stars appear: Anthony Mackie, who will now play Cap after the retirement of Steve Rogers, and Harrison Ford, who will take the role of General Ross.

In addition to both, Tim Blake Nelson (Leader) and Liv Tyler, who will play Betty Ross, daughter of the general, make an appearance in the film’s cast. The daughter of Steven Tyler, the legendary vocalist of Aerosmith, and with a very long career in Hollywood, she’s already played this character in The incredible Hulk, the green avenger’s second film (but only MCU canon production) starring Edward Norton.

Phase 5 is in an Avenger Level Threat

Captain America: Brave New World is part of Phase 5 of the UCM, but it seems to be in quite a predicament. The writers’ strike has already claimed numerous “victims”, and the Marvel Universe was not going to be an exception. Productions like Blade, Daredevil: Born Again, and Thunderbolts have been delayed, as well as the fourth installment of Spider-Man with Tom Holland. For now, series like Loki Season 2, Echo, and Secret Invasion, next to be released on Disney+, remain safe. However, this is likely to disrupt Marvel’s release plans beyond the next 12 months.

Captain America: Brave New World will be released, presumably, on May 3, 2024.


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