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Diablo 4: How to redeem beta and Ultimate Edition rewards

If you played on the Diablo 4 Beta and managed to complete some of its achievements, or bought the Ultimate Edition, you have some gifts to receive.

Diablo 4 cómo canjear recompensas beta

Diablo 4 is finally in our hands. Blizzard’s big action RPG returns through the front door with a delivery that has not only convinced the veterans of the series, but brought in tons of newcomers. Many of the players will have followed the game’s adventures before its release; specifically its two beta phases that outlined what the experience was aiming for.

By completing certain objectives you could get rewards that carry over to the final version. Now that we have the game in our homes, we’ll tell you how you can redeem them during your adventure in Sanctuary. In addition, we’ll also tell you where your pre-order and Ultimate Edition bonuses are waiting for you.

How to redeem beta rewards in Diablo 4

You must keep in mind that the rewards will be tied to the same BattleNet profile you played the betas with. If you change your profile to a new one in Diablo 4, you will not have access to them. To receive them you do not have to do anything, that is, they are already unlocked from the start once you arrive for the first time in Kyovashad, the main city.

You can equip the cosmetic item”Wolf Pack” in the tavern closet, a large cabinet next to your storage chest. In items, the fourth box will be enabled if you got it. It will be added to your back automatically whatever you are wearing.

Diablo 4 Beta Abierta cuándo empieza cómo descargar recompensas
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The titles”Initial Casualty” and “Early Voyager” can be equipped by entering the Profile menu, which you will find when you open the inventory window. You can choose the two words that will make up the motto that will be seen under your character name when exploring the world.

Finally, the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy can be equipped on the stable as long as you unlock the ability to use horses, when reaching Act IV of the campaign..

How to redeem the Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition bonuses

The gesture wings of the creator you will have to equip it to be able to use it. Open the interaction wheel and click on the customize button. Among the gestures that you have unlocked you will see it ready to be added in any open spot on the wheel.

Diablo 4 cómo canjear recompensas beta
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The Temptation Mount and Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor follow the same pattern as the beta reward: they won’t be available until you reach Act 4. Not surprisingly, the battle pass and its 20 tier jumps in the first season will not be available until this content framework arrives sometime in July. Don’t worry: they’re on your profile ready to be unlocked when the time comes.