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Jamie Lee Curtis wants to be in Netflix’s One Piece live-action series, as a specific character

After winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar award for Everything Everywhere all at Once, Jamie Lee Curtis wants to be in the live-action One Piece series by Netflix.

Jamie Lee Curtis One Piece

Several months ago, coinciding with the promotion of Halloween Ends, Jamie Lee Curtis acknowledged in an interview that her daughter was crazy about One Piece and she had even been forced to contact Chopper’s dubbing actress (her friend Brian Palencia) to send the little girl a message for her birthday. What’s more, Curtis confessed that although she would love to give life to Nico Robin, the Straw Hats’ archaeologist, she’s perhaps looking a bit old for it. However, her daughter, Ruby Guest, had found her the perfect role: Kureha, Tony Tony Chopper’s mentor.

Jamie Lee Curtis One Piece
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After that interview, what was surely an inside joke between mother and daughter turned into a rolling snowball, and knowing that Kureha comes from the island of Drum, it couldn’t be better said. Fans of One Piece and Jamie Lee Curtis herself turned to social media with Ruby’s idea, begging and insisting Netflix since then to put her in the live-action series that the platform is creating. The community is so excited that Curtis herself, who is coming from winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Everything Everywhere all at Once, has done her bit and supported the campaign on her personal Twitter, where she requested to be in the second season.

The first season of One Piece on Netflix covers more than 100 chapters of the manga

Netflix has already confirmed that their live-action adaptation will arrive before the end of 2023 (exact date yet to be confirmed) and has revealed that although the first season will consist of ten episodes, they will cover the entire East Blue saga. To give some context, said arc consists of 12 volumes in the manga (100 chapters) and 61 episodes in the anime. Thus we would have the entire plot of Nami and Arlong Park, widely regarded as one of the most important moments in One Piece, but we would also find great moments like the fight between Zoro and Mihawk in Baratie, the first encounters with Buggy the clown, Usopp’s brave defense of Kaya or Luffy’s execution. Will they really be able to do so much in such a short time?

Doubts about how things will turn out with so much content and with a history of adaptations like Netflix’s (we don’t even want to mention the live-action Death Note) are most logical, but still, we harbor a ray of hope. After all, behind the entire project has been Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, who has supervised the series and has personally chosen the cast. Recently, after seeing teases of the first season and coinciding with the announcement of the official poster, Oda assured fans that things were going really well. “The live-action series continues to make progress. A lot has happened behind the scenes and, if I’m honest,there is no one more worried than me for this to work out. But it really looks great!” declared the mangaka. So we can’t say much except: “In Goda we trust.”


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