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Marvel reveals Sidney Sweeney’s Spider-hero from the live-action Madame Web movie

Sony Pictures and Marvel have revealed the superhero identity that actress Sydney Sweeney will play in the upcoming Madame Web movie, now part of the Spiderverse

Sydney Sweeney Spider-Woman

We already know which superheroic character will be played by Sydeny Sweeney (Euphoria) in the upcoming Madame Web movie as part of the Sony Pictures and Marvel Spiderverse,after the intense rumors about it. The young and explosively popular actress will be none other than Julia Carpenter, that is, the second Spider-Woman in Marvel Comics, a character who has shared numerous adventures with the avengers in the comicbooks. This was revealed by Total Film magazine, after interviewing the actress themselves.

Spider-Woman jumps to live action with Sydney Sweeney

“I couldn’t be more excited”, the actress assured Total Film after confirming that she will be Spider-Woman in the Madame Web movie. “I can’t wait to be able to talk about it,” continues the actress, for the moment without going into details about the character or her approach during the film. Julia Carpenter is the second Marvel Comics Spider-Woman after being subjected to an experiment that consisted of improving her athletic abilities. After being injected with a mixture of spider venom and exotic plants, Julia Carpenter gained powers similar to those of Peter Parker.

At the moment nothing else has been revealed about the version that we will see in the big screen, although we can easily imagine her wearing her mythical black suit; or at least that is what we fans would like. The character has been key in various Marvel Comics events, from Secret Wars to the return of Kraven the Hunter, which led her to become the new Madame Web after perishing from a fatal wound from the Kravinoffs.

Sydney Sweeney Spider-Woman
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Will we see some kind of connection between the Madame Web and Kraven the Hunter movies? We will have to wait for their respective premieres to learn more. For now, we can celebrate the arrival of a new character from the Spider-Man universe to live-action, with the possibility of crossing paths with that of Peter Parker thanks to the multiverse...

Source | Total Film via Games Radar


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