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Project L, Riot Games’ fighting game based on LoL, announces Yasuo as the next character

The Project L roster gets a little bigger with Riot Games’ latest announcement, which has revealed that Yasuo is joining the fighting game.

Project L, Riot Games’ fighting game based on LoL, announces Yasuo as the next character

Riot Games has just announced that Yasuo, The Unforgiven, League of Legend’s resident samurai champion, will be the next playable character in Project L. The reveal was made through a surprise trailer, uploaded just in time to let everyone know that he’ll be one of the four characters in the demo present at the Evolution Championship Series 2023, better known as EVO.

The fighting game tournament/festival is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the weekend of August 4 to 6. Riot Games had already announced that they were bringing Project L to the event for fans to get heir hands on, but since the game is still a long way from being complete the demo only has 4 characters. The devs had previously revealed Darius, Ekko, and Ahri for the demo, and now that roster is complete with Yasuo, for now.

The trailer above shows off his moveset, and works as a quick tutorial for those looking to master his abilities. “Yasuo is a master swordsman who manipulates the wind with his blade,” said Lead Champion Designer of Riot Games Alex Jaffe. “On top of that, he can cancel in and out of a versatile stance, giving him tools for every situation. He can outplay with mixups, go to the air for really technical combos, play defense with his wind wall, or honestly just win neutral with huge normals. And you can come check him out today at Evo.” Yasuo looks like he commands control of the screen, which means that opponents will have to find ways to get closer and neutralizing his air barriers.

Project L is a League of Legends fighting fantasy

Project L was announced a couple of years ago already, and the few snippets of gameplay that have been shown have proven to be very promising. Unlike most other fighting games, the main mode on Riot Games’ experiment sees two teams of two players fighting simultaneously, which calls for a more chaotic nature. Of course, everything is still under development, but when they choose to release, they’ll do so having captivated fans of the FGC and League of Legends at the same time.

“We’ve got a ton more champs in the lab like Jinx and Illaoi, but we hope you’ll enjoy getting your first taste of Project L with this roster,” said Jaffe. “Each champion has their own unique playstyle and identity, and when teamed up they can pull off some pretty wild sequences. We’re excited to see what you’ll come up with.”


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