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Rockstar to Release New GTA VI Details This Week, Bloomberg Reports

A report by Jason Schreier provides details on Rockstar Games’ upcoming plans for the highly anticipated title.

Rockstar to Release New GTA VI Details This Week, Bloomberg Reports

After several rumors, fan speculations, and supposed hints that went nowhere, the most anticipated game for many years, Grand Theft Auto VI, may finally show its first official details, according to information provided by Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier.

The new report on the announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI

This new report indicates that according to people familiar with Grand Theft Auto VI release, Rockstar plans to announce the title “as early as this week.” After that, the first trailer of the game would be released next month, “to celebrate Rockstar’s 25th anniversary.” More information could come this same Wednesday, as Take-Two is scheduled for that day to report earnings. The sources were not identified by the journalist.

A long awaited sequel

Grand Theft Auto V turned 10 years old last September with a game that has been a sales success, becoming one of the best-selling titles in the history of the industry. Although this success is largely due to the success of GTA Online and its appearance on 3 generations of consoles, fans have been eager to know what the next adventure in the franchise will be.

This led to more than 90 videos of an early build of Grand Theft Auto VI, circa 2019, being leaked online last year by a 17-year-old teenager. At the time, Rockstar announced that it was officially working on the game, but then went silent. Since then, many theories and assumptions about when would be the date indicated by Rockstar for its announcement appeared, being that the only concrete date was the fiscal year 2024 (between April 2024 and March 2025), when they announced that they expected about $8 billion in net bookings.

For now, there are not many details about what the title will be, other than that we will return to Vice City, the fictional version of Miami, and will control two protagonists, a man and a woman.