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Pokémon GO

Routes have arrived to Pokémon GO: create and share trips with the community

Pokémon GO has just added a new feature with which to create your own Routes in the game, which you can share and get rewards for.

Pokémon GO Rutas función

Pokémon GO added a surprise new feature dedicated to allowing the community to make use of their environment as much as possible. Called Routes, with it you can participate in paths registered by other players with a starting point being a gym or a pokéstop. It falls on Niantic’s hands to review and accept the route to add it to the roster available in the game.

How can you register a Route in Pokémon GO?

The process of registering a Route in Pokémon GO is straightforward. Click on the PokéStop or Gym that you want to be your starting point. In it, click on the “Register” button, which will begin to trace the Route. When you complete it, fill in the details on the screen. Once you finish it, send the information. From that moment Niantic will study your creation; In case it is accepted, every other trainer will be able to select it to be able to follow it.

All the benefits of Routes in Pokémon GO

There are two types of benefits to this new mechanic. The first and most obvious is the material reward. Those who walk along Routes will receive “upgrades, bonuses, and rewards” not yet detailed. In addition, Pokémon that live exclusively in that area will appear more frequently, encouraging players to catch the native species.

The second benefit is sensory. Players can use Routes to create walks through colorful environments or that are linked to specific views of the area. They can even be optimized paths to go between Gyms faster. In a press release Niantic ensures that you can follow the Route with the game running when you lock your mobile, so you don’t need to always be glued to the screen. Select one and let yourself go.

The function arrives a few days after celebrating 7 years in the market. You can find some of the most curious data that the developers have gathered since launch through this link.


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