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The Boys’ Anthony Starr didn’t think he was the right actor for Homelander role because of Henry Cavill

The actor behind Homelander in Prime Video’s successful superhero series ‘The Boys’ has admitted to feeling insecure during his auditions for the role.

Homelander The Boys Superman Henry Cavill

Antony Starr, the actor who plays Homelander in Prime Video’s ‘The Boys’, claims that he felt insecure during the casting for the role that has catapulted him to world fame. This is what he explained in a recent interview with Metro UK, where he admitted that he believed that they would not give him the role, since some other hugely muscular actor in the style of Henry Cavill would surely get chosen. However, he eventually got the role thanks to his charisma and screen presence.

Antony Starr and his insecurities with Homelander

Thus, the actor known mostly for his role in ‘Banshee’ took one of the main roles in ‘The Boys’, the successful adaptation of the comic of the same name for Prime Video, becoming a kind of psychotic and implacable Superman, who does not hesitate to crush anyone who gets in his way in order to achieve his goals. A most interesting role that, however, raised doubts in the mind of the actor.

“I didn’t look at [the script] for a week and a half and then I saw it was a superhero thing and I thought they’re not going to pick me anyway, I’m not made for that. Henry Cavill’s 12 feet tall, built like a 12 foot brick sh*t house and he’s wonderful, handsome, and charming-I’m not going to get that”, explained Starr about the casting process for ‘The Boys’.

Homelander The Boys Superman Henry Cavill
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Even so, the actor’s representatives encouraged him to audition online, thus landing the role, to Starr’s own joy after discovering a character full of nuances and interpretive layers: “Then [my reps] were hassling so I sat in my dressing room, picked a spot on my iPad, and filmed this audition almost out of spite for my reps. Then it got to Eric [Kripke] and [my reps] said, ‘They loved it!’ Then I thought I’d better actually read [the script.] I read it and realized this is actually really good and worth putting some time and energy into,” Starr concluded.

Antony Starr recently appeared as a cameo in the spin-off Gen V’, with his return next year in the fourth season for the main series. In the meantime we can go handing out slaps and Fatalities with Homelander in Mortal Kombat 1.