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The first image of One Piece live-action series for Netflix is... monstrous

A poster from the One Piece series shows the Going Merry, Luffy’s ship and the Straw Hats, very, very much changed.

One Piece

Stay tuned, Nakamas! The first image of the One Piece live-action series has already leaked on the networks and let’s just say that it is... controversial to say the least. It shows the Going Merry, the ship of the Straw Hats, and more specifically its figurehead, which has changed quite a bit from the one we were used to in the manga and anime.

Here is the poster that has been circulating on the Internet for a few days:

One Piece
Full screen

We know that this is not the only change in the series. Some time ago it was also confirmed that Luffy will not wear sandals, but sneakers, because “Sandals unfortunately are not the safest footwear to do stunt work in.” Changes that make us suspicious of the final product, especially considering the history of all manga and anime adaptations.

The Going Merry starred in a moment of One Piece that made us all cry, and there are more than a few who wonder if the Netflix series will manage to move us in the same way with this change in appearance. After all, we’ve gone from the original tender smile to the disturbing open mouth of the live-action, with those teeth that remind us of .... well, let’s not be dramatic about it.

One Piece
Full screen

Eiichiro Oda’s open letter about the series

Though we have been in the dark about the One Piece live-action that Netflix is working on, the silence was recently broken with a letter from Eiichiro Oda himself, the manga’s creator, in which he reveals where they are in production and how long it will be before it sees the light of day.

A somewhat melodramatic letter (all said and done) in which the Mangaka explains that although there were times when it was difficult to make himself understood, everyone was on the same page in the end and confirms that nothing will come out without his final approval.

Oda opens his heart and assures that he sees this One Piece series as the last chance of his life to make One Piece known all over the world. But no one should be afraid for him as he is only 48 years old. Oda has already made it clear that we are in the final saga of the manga, that the final war is coming, and that he wants to retire in the short to medium term and travel and discover the world.

In his note, he confesses that he only allowed this adaptation because he was allowed to be involved in it and because it was a now or never. In addition, the author tells us that there will finally be 8 episodes and that we will set sail sooner than we thought.


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