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Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass reveals first wave of games for October 2023

Microsoft is aiming to have a strong start for October, as Game Pass is adding titles like Forza Motorsport, Like A Dragon: Ishin!, Gotham Knights, and Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

Gotham Knights

Xbox has made sure that we don’t get bored between now and Halloween. The company has just confirmed the first games coming to Game Pass in October and even if the second half of the month is unaccounted for, we would already be talking about one of those months for which it is worth paying for the service.

From a top-notch triple-A launch like Forza Motorsport to even games for all tastes. Action adventures like Gotham Knights (which isn’t on par with the Arkham series, but it deserves a chance), cooperative shooters like Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (which even those who are very prejudiced towards Games Workshop products like), or a good RPG like Like a Dragon: Ishin! (which this time spices up its usual memes with a most special setting). The only thing we’ll be missing are extra hours to play.

Xbox Game Pass games for October 2023

  • Gotham Knights – Now available on Xbox Series X|S, PC and cloud
  • The Lamplighter’s League – Now available on Xbox Series X|S, PC and cloud
  • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – October 4 on Xbox Series X|S and cloud
  • Forza Motorsport – October 10 on Xbox Series X|S, PC and cloud
  • From Space – October 12 on console, PC and cloud
  • Like A Dragon: Ishin! – October 17 on console, PC and cloud

Games that leave Xbox Game Pass in October 2023

And as always, some games come in, others leave the collection. Below you’ll find the complete list of games leaving Xbox Game Pass on October 16, 2023. You have until then to try them, finish them, or complete them (and with a discount for subscribers in case you want to buy them and keep them forever).

  • Eville
  • Overwhelm
  • The Legend of Tianding
  • Trek to Yomi
  • Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
  • Shenzhen I/O