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Your iPhone is in danger of being rendered unusable with this powerful hack

Hackers discover a vulnerability in the iPhone’s Bluetooth.

iPhone hack inutilizar smartphone

Your iPhone is not without risk. Users have discovered a bug in the device’s Bluetooth signals that allows hackers to send constant notifications. And when we say constant, we mean literally. The screen is flooded with requests until the user behind the attack decides to stop.

Your iPhone is vulnerable to Flipper Zero, the hackers’ new toy.

The method used is the well-known Flipper Zero, a tiny box that sends waves to devices within range. When connected to a smartphone, the DDoS attack it transmits can render your iPhone completely unusable, regardless of model or iOS version.

What should you do if you are affected by such an attack? The quickest action that seems to be within our reach is to activate the airplane mode. Big mistake, and is that switching your iPhone to this mode will remain vulnerable to attack, even disabling the functionality with this option. So let us go back to the beginning: Bluetooth. Disabling this setting from the Control Center will allow your phone to be exempt from these attacks.

Of course, giving up this kind of connectivity is not easy, especially if you use other connected devices. Everyday items like your AirPods or Apple Watch (or any related third-party product) would be rendered useless. The folks in Cupertino are expected to release a security hotfix in the coming days or weeks, a job that remains at the forefront throughout the life of the company’s devices; when it comes to security, even iPhones that don’t support the latest iOS model can take advantage of these fixes to security holes.

iPhone 15 announcement is just around the corner

We are just days away from Apple to present from its offices in Cupertino, California the new generation of iPhone. Although there are already some leaked details for what will be the iPhone 15 family, from models, batteries, specifications, and even prices, do not miss the official details of what will give at this conference in Meristation USA.


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