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Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano summary: score card, stats and highlights

New York (United States), 30/04/2022.- Irish boxer Katie Taylor (R) throws a punch at Puerto Rican Boxer Amanda Serrano (L) during their title fight at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York, USA, 30 April 2022. (Estados Unidos, Nueva York) EFE/EPA/JASON SZENES

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano summary: score card, stats and highlights

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano summary: score card, stats and highlights

The sport of boxing needed a night like this one. 2022 was transported tonight to a golden age of boxing where the sport was a spectacle and actual match and a show by two people just giving it all. Taylor vs. Serrano was just excellent. The Puerto Ricans and the Irish didn't hold anything back. And the sport is all but happy about it. Men's boxing could take notes on this one. 

Amanda Serrano came out swinging, but Katie Taylor was too fast too experienced. The first two rounds clearly went to Taylor. But on the third, Amanda Serrano put Katie Taylor against the ropes on a weird move by the champ. Her legs seemed to give out, and it seemed like Amanda could put her on the floor, but Katie just stood there, more by passion and love, pure will rather than anything physical. 

On the fourth and fifth, Serrano came out swinging again, and Taylor was not able to hold her ground. It looked like Taylor would lose this by KO. However, Amanda gave all and had nothing else on the tank by the seventh. That knockout never came, and Taylor kept her cool and remembered to breathe

Serrano could not put Taylor on the floor, and the Irish began her assault. The eighth, nine, and ten rounds were just all Taylor for the judges. Serrano was just done physically. The effort she put earlier into the fight took a toll, and Taylor knew it. This seemed to be enough for the judges to give her the fight even though she looked worse on the floor.

Both fighters knew that the fight didn't have a clear winner in that last round, and both looked for the knockout. The last ten seconds were just an open battle, an exchange of blows, no regard for strategy; defense was kaput and gone, giving everyone what they had come to watch. 

Taylor wins it tonight!

What a fight by both


Wow!! Not many will agree but by split decision Katie Taylor takes it. Serrano seemed to be better and for many and myself the clear winner. But the judges have decided that Taylor wins it.  

What and end

This is an amazing fight what an end.

Round 10

Taylor vs SERRANO

Last round and Taylor must land a defining punch if she wants to win it. Taylor heads Serrano trying to keep her head up.

Serrano si super tired and is banking on her last rounds. 

WOW WOW WOW!! Both fighters on an epic fight in the end. No defense, no guarding, just trading punches on those last 10 seconds. Just straight up street brawl. And this might just end up in a tie. 

Round 9

Taylor vs Serrano

Serrano hits the body and Taylor is just on autopilot moving but not been able to do more. Although Taylor keeps trying to land wild punches. She must look for a K-O. 

Serrano lost the spark of the first few rounds. And keep taking shots to the body. Last round coming up and  Taylor must come out swinging, 

Round 8

Taylor vs Serrano

It is amazing that Taylor can stay up. She was been able to keep up. Serrano seems tired and not able to keep with this fighting like in the first few rounds. And Taylor might make it to the end. She looked like she was about be taken down but the Irish has been able to stay up. 

Round 7

Taylor vs Serrano

Serrano is not coming out as fast and strong as before and Taylor can get a breather. Not much going on this round. Taylor must try to find Serrano if she want’s to tie this match. 

Round 6

Taylor vs Serrano

Serrano is coming and coming, she tries to get that KO and Taylor is moving a bit better. But it doesn’t seem she will remain much longer on both feet. 

This round is over and Taylor survives another round. 

Round 5

Taylor vs Serrano

Taylor is in trouble, Serrano has on the corner and WOW! Serrano tries to get that KO. Taylor moves out and scapes. 

WOW, WOW, Serrano is trying to get that KO. What a fight. Insane, serrano keeps pounding on Taylor, she is bleeding everywhere, but yet she doesn’t fall. Serrano is just coming, and coming, and coming but Taylor stays up. But what a fight. 

Round 4

Taylor vs Serrano

Exchange of punches. Serrano arracks and Taylor keeps her a bay. Serrano hits but Taylor answers back. What a fight. 

What a great fight the exchange of punches is great. Serrano keeps going but Taylor is to fast and moves but the punches keep landing. Taylor seems to be getting tired and she is not moving as well as like the beginning. 

Round 3

Taylor vs Serrano

Serrano seems to be getting frustrated. She keeps chasing Taylor who is faster and moves back real well. 

Taylor grabs Serrano and it sees she is trying to pace herself. She keeps throwing the right jab. And amazing end to that round. Taylor must move better she lost her pacing. 

Round 2

Taylor vs Serrano

Serrano comes out with right jabs to the face trying to catch Taylor. 

Nice right by Taylor to the face of Serrano. Amanda is too wild and tho she is taking this fight forward, Taylor has gotten the best of Amanda. 

Left from Taylor to the body but Serrano moves forward. She must cut her off and not chance around the ring. Serrano should adjust. 

Round 1

Taylor vs Serrano

Here we go!!!!!

10 rounds and let’s get this started. Taylor yes faster but Serrano hits harder, so it gives us a great fright. Serrano will look to get Taylor to the ropes. But Taylor should be fast enough to get out of this. 

Serrano comes out swinging and taking the fight to Taylor who just stays on her side and waits for Serrano to get tired. Amanda should pace herself. 

Serrano coming out

Look at this atmosphere is intense and we are ready to go. 

The face of happiness

Jake Paul for whatever is worth has changed the face of boxing. You might not like him, but thanks to him tonight Amanda Serrano has the right backing to fully commit herself to boxing. We must applaud what he is doing. 

Just listen

What is going on here to night is just amazing. The American national anthem is being sung and in just a moment Taylor and Serrano will face each other. 

Taylor vs Serrano

The fight is here, both women are coming out for their presentations. This is insane and the atmosphere is just amazing here at MSG! Serrano comes out first with the sound of Spanish music. The Puerto Rican community is present here and they will let everyone know it. 

The Irish national anthem is full on here at MSG. The Irish community is also in the house and they are not backing down. What a show. 

Say it loud Charlize

Oscar winner Charlize Theron is on point. It’s a shame it took this long, but we are so happy this is actually happening. Taylor vs Serrano coming up. 

Taylor vs Serrano

The main fight is coming up now. Both fighters are about to come out and history will happen right in front of our eyes. 

It’s all over

Liam Smith end this fight in the 10th. 

Round 10

Vargas vs Smith

And it’s all over and Smith wins this one. The Brit proved to be too much for the Mexican-American. His one-two’s the whole time where too powerful for Jessie. Smith pounded the body and took Vargas’ legs until he gave out and the ref had to stop it. 

Round 9

Vargas vs Smith

Vargas is in trouble. His legs have given out on him and he is trying to keep up. But smith has him against the rope the whole round. Smith has worked the body the whole time with a couple of jabs to the face, 

The Mexican’s eyes are but cut and is having trouble keeping up. 

Katie Taylor

Is Katie the favorite tonight? How big has she been for the sport of boxing? 

Do you have your watch party?

Who are you watching this fight with tonight? Who is in your watch party? 

Vargas vs Smith

These guys want to win no matter what. Vargas trying to hold his breath. 

Is Jake Paul a boxer?

Is Jake Paul a real boxer? What does he need in order for people to respect him as a fighter? 

Round 4

Vargas vs Smith

Vargas throws his head forward trying to complicate things for Smith’s movement. The Mexican is trying to make it really hard for the Brit to hit. May be a lack of air. The ref might have to tell Vargas to move his head up. 

Vargas finishes this round really well, and they both have cuts on their eyes in result to Vargas using his head to hit Smith. 

Round 2

Vargas vs Smith

Vargas again tried to take the fight to the Brit, but Smith impose his style and with big jabs and shots to the body he is cutting on Vargas air. The Mexican looks already a bit tired and he might be out of breath by round 8. 

Smith looks sharper and better with a very close guard and commanding style. 

Caption this pic

These are eyes you don’t want to mess with. 

Round 1

Vargas vs Smith

Vargas came out swinging but the Smith didn’t back down and took the Mexican-American to the ropes. The Brith finished with a nice one-two that Vargas did not see coming. 

Vargas should pace himself and try to remember he hasn’t had a fight in 2 years. 

Even the Rock is excited

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doesn’t want to miss this one either. And he is right this is historic and we want to bring you all of it. 

Vargas vs Smith

Coming up the fight between Jessie Vargas and Liam Smith. 

The prelude to our main fight. This should be a very interesting fight. Smith a very veteran fighter, ranked # 4 and that can hit. Vargas 32-year-old, and also a veteran, but who hasn’t had a fight in two years. This should be nice. 

Jake Paul talking about the fight

Promoter Jake Paul talks about this fight and what Amanda Serrano it’s all about. 

Do you agree with him? 

We all get emotional

Who would not get emotional tonight? And you won’t want to miss this one. 

Strange things may happen

Seems not many want to miss this. 

A behind the scenes

A nice behind the scenes for this fight and what these fighters have been doing to get here on the best way possible. 

This is crazy

We ask the question. Have the Paul brothers done more for boxing than many other’s that came before? They get a lot of backlash, but what they are doing is great for the sport. And we should put all of that behind us and welcome this from them 

Historic night for women’s boxing

Tonight it s a great night for boxing. Not just for women’s boxing but for the whole sport as it moves forward and grows to a new chapter. 

Jake Paul weights in

YouTube star Jake Paul is not missing this one either. Let’s not forget that his company is a promoter for the fight. 


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