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Enner Valencia 48'

Netherlands vs Ecuador summary: score, stats and updates 1-1 | Qatar World Cup 2022​

DOHA, QATAR - NOVEMBER 25: Kevin Rodriguez of Ecuador reacts after the 1-1 draw in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group A match between Netherlands and Ecuador at Khalifa International Stadium on November 25, 2022 in Doha, Qatar. (Photo by Hector Vivas - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Netherlands vs Ecuador summary: score, stats and updates 1-1 | Qatar World Cup 2022​

Ecuador deserved better!

We don’t want to lose! That seems like the motto of this game tonight. But, unfortunately, Ecuador found themselves losing this match real quick, just eight minutes in. A nice shot by Gakpo made it seem like the Europeans would come out swinging. But far from it, Ecuador, steady on their game plan, become owners of the ball and all related game issues. 

The Dutch seemed to be okay on the field, with Ecuador just touching the ball, but it slowly became a problem. Enner Valencia! What a player. He started to come and come and come on the left and would not stop coming with centers, shots, and just pure heart. The 33-yeard-old is the best player of the cup so far. No wonder on a mistake by the Dutch goalie Estupiñan found a bad clear, and with a center, he found Valencia on the far post to make it 1-1. 

The Ecuadorian were exhausted; what a display of just sheer want because the Dutch were supposed to be the better team, the team with the players in Europe and making lots of money. But the Ecuadorians have all the heart, and winners always want the ball. So maybe someone needs to remind the Dutch about this. This is not the Cruyff team. This is not the Oranje that taught the world what it was to play “Football Total.” They are far from it. 

Ecuador deserved to win this one. Too much reward for an inferior Dutch team. But this is just the second game of the cup for both teams. And the Europeans will face Qatar next, looking to be first in the group and maybe facing Iran next round. Ecuador will want to beat Senegal and avoid playing a more challenging team like England. 

Andy Restrepo

And that’s all peoples

Ecuador was the best team for sure


And nothing comes out of it!

Andy Restrepo

Corner for Ecuador !

Andy Restrepo

And we will play 6 more minutes 

Andy Restrepo

Valencia in a picture

Enner has been the best player for Ecuador so far. 

Plata comes out for Romario Ibarra

Ecuador players all done! 

Valencia will come out for Kevin Rodriguez.

The captain is just too tired

Valencia goes down

Enner goes down in the middle but it seems it’s just him being tired. 


The Dutch have the ball but not much of an idea of what to do with it. They just play it bon the back . 

Andy Restrepo

World Cup top scorers

This is how the ace is looking 


This game looks like it’s going to end 1-1. There is no change in speed nor does it seem any team wants to win it. 

Andy Restrepo

Koopmeiners comes out for Weghorst

Okay so wat’s the idea here. 

Gakpo comes out for De Roon

Not sure what to think here

Platas post!

This could have been the 1-2

Neymar sends message

He is injured but all good it seems. 


Edgar Davis comes out of the coaches bench and starts screaming, you know this is not good if that happens. I wouldn’t to be on the receiving end. 

Andy Restrepo

The game enters into yours or mine ball situation and no one takes control of the ball. 

Andy Restrepo

Klaassen comes out for Berghuis

This had to be done a while ago. 


The intensity of the game is coming down. There was too much going on the first 20 minutes. 

Andy Restrepo

The Netherlands takes control of the game. And slowly they take way from Ecuador who’s tempo is taking a hit. 

Andy Restrepo

Nice play by the Dutch! The first one of the half, they moved it from the left to the center and a nice shot but wide. Goal Kick. 

Andy Restrepo

Valencia for Ecuador

The captain and the goal!


Valencia to Caicedo! And that was the goal uff!! The Dutch are no longer in Qatar!

Andy Restrepo

The Dutch go on the right side by the corner of the Ecuadorians. They don’t want that last post shake them. The Dutch are looking druggy and ready for the knockout. 

Andy Restrepo


From the side on the throwing, they get the one two and Plata finds himself on the right and shoots and hits the post!


Ecuador on the fast play on the right with Gonzalo Plata as they headed out that last kick. The South Americans are looking better than the Dutch. 

Andy Restrepo

Here comes a nice free kick for the Dutch. And the Ecuadorians head it out. 

Andy Restrepo

Memphis on the right he tries to run but is brought down by Hincapie. Dutch try to mount and attack. 

Andy Restrepo

The Ecuador goal!

Here is the Ecuador goal for you guys!


The Dutch are hurt, they come out swinging after that goal. They get the corner but nothing comes out of it. But the Dutch get the ball pretty fast now. Memphis starts moving on the left trying to get in to space.

Andy Restrepo

Fast pace play on the counter as the Dutch goalie makes a mistake on the kick from his goal. The Ecuadorian on the fast with a pass to the left to Estupiñan and Enner Valencia finds the center and a deserve goal. 

Andy Restrepo


Right at the start!!


Ecuador comes out the same as it ended. Fast apace and looking to attack from the wings. Planta and Valencia. 

Andy Restrepo

Look who is there

Edgar Davis right and center. 

Memphis for Bergwijn

We have movements just staring the second half

Here we go for the second half

Don’t go anywhere! Here go again!

Was it offside?

What do you guys think? Would you have given the offside or we losing the beautiful game? 

Half - Time

The Dutch beat the Ecuadorians by one. But the South American country is looking really good and the Dutch should do better in the second half. 

Possible offside !

Who touched it! We can’t see any offside! Because of obstruction of the view of the goalie! Porozo! Wow what a play in the last minute of the game.



Andy Restrepo

And the Ecuadorians get the corner from the free kick. 

Andy Restrepo

Free kick for ecuador 

Andy Restrepo

Estupiñan on the left but the ball hits Dumfries on the back and the ball is recovered by Van Dijk. Easy play for the Dutch from the back. 

Andy Restrepo

Ecuador is tired! They have been running too much this first half and the team is looking a bit slow at the end. There is no real dominant power on the field. 

Andy Restrepo

Klasssen on the right but loses the ball easily to Caicedo. The Ajax player has been the weakest link on this Oranje team. 

Andy Restrepo

The Dutch play the ball in the back and barely want to go forward. They put the game in the cooler and let the minutes go by. 

Andy Restrepo

Valencia with the shot

Ecuador almost had the 1-1 

United peoples right now

Whatever Gakpo wants!

Gakpo this season

The PSV player has been great this season!


The Dutch put the fire out form the corner and now the look to play the ball from the back. 

Andy Restrepo

Enner !! And the Dutch goalie! Ecuador with a fast pace play and the shot that the goalie puts to the corner. 

Andy Restrepo
Yellow cards
red cards
fouls won
fouls committed
Contested balls where possession is lost
Ball recoveries

Ecuador gain inches every minute. They are playing high pressure and the Dutch are looking a bit weak on defense. 

Andy Restrepo

Ecuador! Is on the attack! Estupiñan on the left with the center and Caicedo shoots and get the corner!

Andy Restrepo

Nice one two play by ecuador and almost!! Best play by ecuador so far. Van Dyk got there in time !

Andy Restrepo

Ecuador can’t seem to get close with the short passes so they are tying to get behind the defense and play direct balls. But the dutch seem to be in control. 

Andy Restrepo

I see some romance there

Hey! This could be the start of something great!


Dumpfries has taken over for the Dutch. Every play comes from the right for the Oranje, but not much intention. They go up but lose the ball before the center. Ecuador can’t seem to keep control of the ball as the dutch pressure on the loss of the ball. 

Andy Restrepo

Enner Valencia on the left takes one and two! But he can’t get pass the touch line and Dutch ball. The game has entered a slow down tempo by the Oranje. They have the 3pts at the moment and don’t want to disrupt that at the moment. Ecuador can’t seem to find the ball. 

Andy Restrepo

SHOOTTT ! Ecuador from the right with a center by Caicedo! The Dutch defense headed out, but Plata with a shot and almost! Went out by this much!

Andy Restrepo

Ecuador takes control of the ball now. The Dutch sit comfortably in the back waiting for the fast break as they are now winning. Enner Valencia takes control of the midfield in Ecuador and Caicedo keeps coming from the right. Look out for this!

Andy Restrepo

Beut of a shot!

GAKPO where did you come out of !!


They Ecuadorians let the Dutch play too much on their half and with an incredible shot from the outside without the need to look for the pass, GAKPO created a chance out of nowhere. Not much has happened, but first shot and goal!

Andy Restrepo


In the first shot they get!!!


Ecuador can’t get pass the half. The Oranje pressure is high up and the team from the middle of the world can’t get the ball. But the Dutch play without too much idea. They just want to have the ball for now!

Andy Restrepo

The game starts at great speed! Ecuador with the long ball trying to find the Dutch sleeping the back on that first play. The Dutch trying to command the ball and play short. 

Andy Restrepo

Here we go!

Alright guys! Let me take you into this journey today! Let’s hope we get a great game. Ecuador will come out with a line of five in the back! 

The Dutch will com out with 3 in the back and two on the outside. Very similar ideas of play! 

Let’s have some fun!

The anthems!!

We got the anthems people!! Don’t go anywhere! 

Andy Restrepo

Yep they are great

A peek inside! How does it feel to be in there. Just 10 minutes til the game!

These stadiums look amazing

Qatar did not hold back on their expenses. These look amazing! Inside the stadium it has to feel great 

Yep is a party in the Netherlands!

The Oranje in full effect here guys! What’s your score line today guys? Who wins? 

We got 11s for Ecuador

What do you guys think? Who is missing in this team? 

The bus is here!

The Dutch are here! How do you know? You can’t miss the big orange bus driving around! We’ll see a orange vs yellow wave in the stadium? 

Ecuador in the house!

La Tri is in the house and looking ready! This promises to be a great game, two very even teams!

Not in Qatar but back home!

The Dutch didn’t want to stay behind and they are also partying and supporting their team. Although not in Qatar, but with their hearts there! The Oranje won’t be walking alone today, that’s for sure. 

Who is the ref for today?

Today’s men in black, well not so much anymore, thanks a lot 90’s. But these will be the guys to bring order to the game!

 JC: Mustafa Ghorbal🇩🇿
A1: Mokrane Gourari🇩🇿
A2: Abdelhak Etchial🇩🇿
4to: Said Martínez🇭🇳
VAR: Shaun Evans🇦🇺

Andy Restrepo

Ecuador bringing the party to Qatar

You can’t have a Latino team play and not have a Latino party on the street. If there is music playing in the streets of Qatar a Latino is there. And La Tri is bringing all the party to the the Asian country. 

We have full Netherlands line up

Let’s get this started people!! And how better to do it than by the dutch line up. What don you guys think? Who is missing? No Xavi Simmons today!

Ecuador meet the Netherlands on matchday two of Group A, in Khalifa International Stadium, 11 am. ET 

After completely ruining Qatar's party in the first game of the World Cup, Ecuador will face the Netherlands on the second matchday of Group A. The Netherlands will also be traveling to Khalifa International Stadium with three points under their belts. 

On Sunday, Enner Valencia scored twice to lead Ecuador to a 2-0 victory against Qatar. On Monday, Cody Gakpo and Davy Klaasen scored in the last few minutes to lead the Netherlands to a victory over Senegal by the same scoreline. 

On Friday, the qualification for the round of 16 might go to either the Netherlands or Ecuador. The Ecuadorians will go to the next round with a victory if Senegal are unable to defeat Qatar in the day's earlier group encounter, while a win for the Netherlands would advance Louis van Gaal's team to the next round as long as the Qataris lose points in the process.


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