Real Madrid values: Cristiano, Pepe down; James, Asensio up

Marco Asensio has had an impressive run of late and his change in form and the focus on him has been transferred to his perceived market value which is up over 200%.

Real Madrid values: Cristiano, Pepe down; James, Asensio up

The Real Madrid squad is on the rise. Well, that is if you are making your decision based on the website Transfermarkt which has the 24 players that Zidane has at his disposal valued 8% more than a year ago.

According to the site, the squad at the start of the 2015/16 season had a market value of 706 million euros and today that figure is 764 million. Looking at their information in more detail you see that at the top of the incremental tree is Marco Asensio who has moved from 3.5 million to 12 million euros in valuation in one year - a 242% increase.

To determine a value the German website makes a calculation that takes into account the player's age, recent performances, consistency, and potential, as well their international experience and marketability.

James: 80M paid, now worth 70M

Although James Rodriguez is still valued lower than the price Madrid paid for him, his value has increased by 16% since last year and if he gets the opportunity this season under Zidane he will be hoping that rises further.

Players at the club that would already sell - based on these values - for more than what Floretino paid for them include: Benzema, 60M vs the 36M invested in 2009, Kroos, 55M vs 25M (a price agreed as he was in his last season at Bayern). On the other side of the scale, Kovacic was purchased for 35m and he is now seen as a 20M asset and Danilo cost the club 31.5M with a current return of just 18M.

The declines in value of Modric, Cristiano and Pepe (the latter two having an exceptionally successful season with club and country) will have been impacted by age.