LFP chief: Liga games could be suspended due to heatwave

With soaring temperatures across the Peninsula Javier Tebas said that games could be called off: "You can't play football at 37º or 38º."

LFP chief: Liga games could be suspended due to heatwave

Javier Tebas, the president of the Spanish Professional Football League, spoke on radio show El Partidazo de Cope about the issues of the day in the country’s top flight, chief among them the possibility of some matches being called off this weekend because of the heat wave currently beating down on many Spanish regions.

"You can't play football at 37º or 38º"

Asked if it was feasible to play football in 42º heat, Tebas replied that it was likely any games threatened with such temperatures would be postponed. “We have spoken to the Referee’s Committee to make sure that the players have plenty of opportunities to drink water and to hydrate themselves across all the matches. But at 36º-37º you can’t play football. Kick-off times can be altered but the problem is that in many cities at 8pm the forecast [temperature] is still the same.”

Clásico kick-offs

Tebas also spoke about the scheduled Clásico fixtures, a constant bone of contention in Spain: “In recent seasons it has been played at 6.15pm. I’m not sure it will be this season. Why not at 1pm? If LaLiga thinks that Saturday at 1pm is the best time, it will be on Saturday at 1pm. The return fixture [at the Bernabéu] will surely be on Sunday at 8.30pm.”

Ticket prices

In light of recent complaints about ticket prices at top flight games, Tebas said that with the new television rights deal making each and every Liga club that bit richer, the clubs could and should lower prices for fans. “With the new deal they’re not going to lose that much money. I’ve already said as much to the clubs and many are lowering prices.”

Asia market

Tebas also spoke about the Asian market – the primary reason for so many different kick-off times every weekend – and denied it was purely geared towards promoting Barcelona and Real Madrid. “In China for example more people will watch Celta v Atlético than the Manchester derby because it’s on freeview. In many countries the promotion isn’t only Real and Barça. In Hong Kong for example Atlético and Barcelona are the promoted teams.”