"I wish I'd scored that goal against Compostela for Madrid"

The Brazilian told Movistar's 'Minuto 0' that he would have loved to have scored his unforgettable from 20 years wearing Madrid's white shirt.


Manchester City - Barcelona Live!

Ronaldo Nazário has spent the past few weeks in Madrid and has attended several media outlets during his stay but today, in an interview with Movistar+'s Minuto 0 programme he made a confession that surely won't go down to well in Barcelona. Apart from many other goals he scored, O Fenomeno will always be remembered for one in particuarl - his jaw-dropping individual strike in Barcelona in which he went past seven Compostela players before beating keeper Fernando on 12 October 1996. He recalled that goal from 20 years ago, but says he would rather have scored it for the Blaugranas' eternal rivals.

“To score a goal like that, you need peripheral vision and you don't have a moment to think. It was a very nive goal, but to be honest I would have preferred to have scored it for Real Madrid. The only shame is that it wasn't for Madrid”, Ronaldo explained.

Kind words for RC3, Zidane and Mourinho

Following that Ronaldo admitted that if he 'could do it all over again' he would have joined Real Madrid sooner and was in no doubt about his closest friend in the dressing room: Roberto Carlos. But the player who impressed him the most on the pitch was Zinedine Zidane. He also had good words to say about José Mourinho: “He was a great assistant back then and he's a great friend now”