CAS ruling annoys Barça but provides relief for Madrid

Court of Arbitration for Sport verdict 

The CAS reduced their sanction on Madrid for the illegal signing of under-age players to just one transfer window. Despite the club's claims that they were totally innocent, they are punished with the original sentence being halved. FC Barcelona president Bartomeu was the first to come out and voice his displeasure as Barça were penalised with a two window transfer ban for the same offence. The same offence, yes but on a different level.  A speeding fine can vary depending on the velocity of the offender. We need to know the finer details of the situation based on the quantity of individual cases and only then can we asses if there has been a case of double standards from CAS as ironically both football clubs employed the same firm of lawyers to defend their respective cases.

Madrid v Barça

FIFA's attempt to protect minors is the root of this case and Real Madrid have yet to provide a breakdown of this case. At the same time cameras lock onto Zidane's children who were registered with their mothers maiden name to avoid media spotlight. Barça were previously given a warning about their situation that went unheeded whilst Madrid reacted to the initial caution and that may have a bearing in the final verdict too. It seems that Real Madrid and Barcelona are doomed to come head to head whether it be in a CAS ruling, tax battles or even a fight to win the Ballon dOr.

Summer planning

For Real Madrid the ruling is huge weight off the club's shoulders. The club had little intention of making moves in this forthcoming winter transfer market and as moves away from the club are permitted the club can  now asses with objectivity the possible sale of James Rodriguez with plenty of interest from suitors to acquire the services of the Colombian international. The ruling also helps Madrid to plan their strategy as they prepare for the 2017/18 campaign with the likes of Aubameyang, Nzonzi and Vitolo certain to generate transfer interest and speculation. The ruling is somewhat of a setback for Barça as everything that becomes an advantage for Real Madrid is a disadvantage for the Catalan side and this is the root of complaints voiced yesterday. Some could even point to the reemergence of the club playing the victim, a role for years that Barcelona have avoided.

Real Madrid's Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez arrives at the Raddison Hotel in Milan