Morata, Benzema and the French Revolution

Morata, Benzema and the French Revolution

Some people who’ve thought to help out Alvaro Morata by attacking Karim Benzema launched a few weeks ago a tiresome joke about my compatriot. Something about the French Revolution, the guillotine and the fact that it is going to cut off somebody’s head. The head of Real Madrid’s number nine, of course. It seems that these people are very badly informed because Zidane, the club’s directors and the Madrid dressing room are delighted with the French striker. And nobody wants him to leave.

That said, as they refer to the French Revolution, I will allow some reflection on Zizou, Morata and the legacy of the historic event so decisive for humanity by recalling these three key words: "Freedom, Equality and Fraternity".

Bezema and Morata have a good relationship


No one has forced Morata to stay at Madrid knowing that he was starting behind Benzema, a striker who is playing his eighth season in the first team. And no outside campaign will influence Zidane when it comes to picking players for the starting lineup. Everyone is free to do what they want.


Not to be confused with egalitarianism. That is to say that while Zidane must consider the efforts of Morata, he is not obliged to distribute the exact amount of minutes per game between the two forwards. That's why he said this sentence on Friday: "No one is going to change the fact that there are players with more minutes than others."


For the unity of the changing room and the good of Madrid it is essential not to invent a war between two people who are respected. Karim has a good relationship with Alvaro. Just as he had in his day with Pipita Higuain.


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