Formula 1 car presentation dates

Ahead of the competition itself, Renault, Williams, Ferrari, McLaren and the rest will be keen to show off their new machines in the best light with all the hype that surrounds it.
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Así está el calendario de las presentaciones de F1

The hype before the races begin

With the start of the 2017 Formula 1 season almost upon us, it's time for the teams to release the information on their cars. The launches will be as spectacular as always and we'll keep you up-to-date with pictures, videos and performance data for each of the teams.

Testing for the season takes place at the Circuito de Barcelona-Cataluña and runs from Monday 27 February until Thursday 2 March.

Car launch order

Sauber has already shown off their 2017 offering, and Williams have given fans a sneaky look into their machine. The trio of Red Bull, Haas and Toro Rosso will conclude the official launches on Sunday 26 February.

Presentation dates

Tuesday 21 Feb Renault
Wednesday 22 Feb Force India
Thursday 23 Feb Mercedes
Friday 24 Feb Ferrari
Saturday 25 Feb Williams
Sunday 26 Feb Haas
Red Bull
Toro Rosso