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Coronavirus live updates: data, infections, deaths USA, India, UK... April 9

(FILES) In this file photo taken on March 03, 2020 American Airlines planes are seen at Miami International Airport (MIA) in Miami, Florida. - American Airlines will seek $12 billion in government assistance to steer the carrier through the global aviatio

Coronavirus live: latest Covid-19 updates - 9 April

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and Russia have agreed to cut oil production due to the drop in demand and the market-share war that has ensued according to the Financial Times.

Coronavirus: UFC 249 called off, confirms White

UFC 249 has been called off due to the coronavirus pandemic, UFC president Dana White confirmed.

The event was due to be held in New York on April 18 and headlined by a bout between lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson.

But COVID-19 saw the fight unable to be held in New York and travel restrictions meant Khabib was forced to pull out, although White still wanted the event to go ahead with Ferguson facing Justin Gaethje.

However, White announced on Thursday that the event was off despite his best efforts, having stated he planned to host the action on a private island.

"I told you this whole thing has been a battle since day one," he told ESPN.

Trump says administration likely to release details on airline aid this weekend

President Donald Trump said on Thursday his administration would be releasing details over the weekend about its program to help U.S. airlines hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.

"We'll be probably putting out a proposal and giving them some of the details ... over the weekend," Trump told reporters.

"The airline business has been hit very hard as everybody knows and we are going to be in a position to do a lot to help them so that they keep their employees and they save their businesses," he said.


Almost 17 million Americans filed for benefits in the last three weeks as the devastating coronavirus continues to take its toll on people's lives. 6.6 million people were added to that list last week as the current pandemic has seen more people lose their jobs than the economic crisis a decade ago.

"What I think will happen is we will have a big bounce, rather than a small bounce," he says when asked about the economy. He says they are trying to keep the human toll as low as possible and says that he thinks the country will return stronger than before. He hopes, that is.

Donald Trump has been asked how they can discuss opening the country.

"Right now we have the best testing system in the world," he says. "We are giving out millions of tests."

He is asked how you can send people back to work and he says it won't happen and it wouldn't happen. "We'll probably be the leader of the pack," he said as he explained other countries had done it but in a limited fashion.

Coronavirus: US police officer investigated after appearing to cough on residents on purpose


Coronavirus: US police officer investigated after appearing to cough on residents on purpose

US police officer investigated after appearing to cough on residents on purpose

An investigation has been opened into a Baltimore police officer caught on camera seemingly coughing on residents of a public-housing complex:

"The news we all wanted to hear"

UK foreign secretary Dominic Raab, who has chaired the government's coronavirus crisis meeting in Boris Johnson's absence, tonight tweeted his delight at the news that the prime minister has been moved out of intensive care.

Scottish FA extends football suspension until June

The Scottish FA has released a statement this evening saying it has "unanimously agreed to extend the suspension at all levels of the game from professional to recreational until at least 10 June."

Football in Scotland had already been called off until 30 April.

Madrid introduce special controls to prevent movement

Police in Madrid, Spain have been given special control to stop people in an effort to prevent people moving without good reason during Easter.

Coronavirus: How long has Spain been on lockdown and when will it end?


Coronavirus: How long has Spain been on lockdown and when will it end?

How long has Spain been on lockdown and when will it end?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a state of emergency was declared in Spain on 14 March - and it has now been extended twice.

Full story:

Emergency measures to be rolled out to ease economic impact

The US central bank will offer an extra $2.3tn in credit and support the market for high-yield corporate debt.

Second extension to state of emergency in Spain approved

The Spanish parliament has approved prime minister Pedro Sánchez’s request to prolong Spain’s state of emergency for a further 15 days, until 26 April, as the country battles the spread of the coronavirus.

This is the second time that the state of emergency, which began on 14 March, has been extended. Speaking on Thursday, Sánchez said he was "convinced" he would also have to seek a third 15-day extension, taking the current lockdown in Spain into May.

More than 15,000 people have now died as a result of the coronavirus in Spain, which has registered over 150,000 cases in the country.

"Get well Boris!"

US president Donald Trump has reacted to the news that UK prime minister Boris Johnson has been moved out of intensive care.

UK PM Johnson out of intensive care

Downing Street has confirmed that the United Kingdom's prime minister, Boris Johnson, has left intensive care but remains in hospital.

Having been admitted to hospital at the weekend, Johnson, 55, was moved into the ICU on Monday after his condition worsened.

Johnson "has been moved this evening from intensive care back to the ward, where he will receive close monitoring during the early phase of his recovery", No. 10 said.

"He is in extremely good spirits."

Africa: Five ICU beds per million inhabitants

The total number of intensive-care unit beds across 43 of Africa's 54 countries is lower than 5,000, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said today. This translates to around five ICU beds per million in these nations, the body explained, compared to 4,000 per million in Europe.

What’s more, the WHO said that 41 African countries have reported having fewer than 2,000 functional ventilators available to their public health services.

Since 14 February, when the first coronavirus case was confirmed in the continent - in Egypt - 52 countries in Africa have registered 11,703 cases of infection and 609 deaths, according to figures compiled by the agency EFE correct at 17:30 CEST.

Coronavirus: study predicts first day with no Covid-19 deaths


Coronavirus: study predicts first day with no Covid-19 deaths

Day '0' predicted

Analysis by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation predicts the first day in each country/region where there will be no new Covid-19 deaths.

One major assumption is that government guidelines are followed.

Recognition for the front line NHS workers

As it's Thursday, tonight in the UK will see another round of applause at 20:00 BST.

In this afternoon's daily brief, Dominic Raab was asked about a possible reward for all those carers and others putting themselves at risk for others through the crisis.

"There will be a moment where we look at how we formally recognise all of those on the frontline who have done so much to pull us through. There will be the appropriate level of recognition once we're through the worst of it."

Straight talking from BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis 

This video from BBC presenter Emily Maitlis is being widely shared around the UK. Colleagues and well-wishers have sent messages to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who remains in intensive care with Covid-19, saying "You are a fighter and will beat this virus", "you fight for a swift recovery" and other examples of martial language, but it's important to remember that people don't die from coronavirus because of a lack of fight or because they failed in some way. Illness is not a test of character. 

Coronavirus: China's fall in phone users fuels death-toll doubts


Coronavirus: China's fall in phone users fuels death-toll doubts

China's fall in phone users fuels death-toll doubts

Chinese mobile-phone companies lost millions of users in February, fuelling suggestions that the country’s coronavirus death toll is far higher than officially reported.

Full story:

The FT nightly round-up

In case you missed the most recent update to the figures, or haven't come across it before, here's the thread via John Burn-Murdoch.

As you'll see from the comments, many followers in Europe don't go to sleep until they've seen them.

Worldwide coronavirus cases pass 1.5 million mark

Full report


Russia breaks through 10,000 confirmed cases

Russia reported 1,459 new cases of coronavirus infection between Wednesday and Thursday, which takes the total number of cases to 10,131. The rise in infections over the past 24 hours has been the highest increase in one single day since the first known case in the country 10 weeks ago.

The death toll in Russia stands at 76, with 13 fatalities recorded since Wednesday. Most of Russia's coronavirus cases have been in the capital, Moscow, followed by the Bryansk region and Saint Petersburg although this week's numbers indicate the new cases are declining, at least in the capital.

US unemployment figures: latest jobless claims by state


US unemployment figures: latest jobless claims by state

#another 6.6

The above hashtag is already trending as the US sees 16 million workers lose their jobs in just three weeks.

Being admitted to hospital with Covid-19

UK national The Guardian has put together an informative video to provide some inside information to those who have not been directly involved thus far. #stayathome

Murray's 100 challenge

There have been a number of football (and other) related challenges to occupy people's time during lockdown. Now, Andy Murray has put out a tennis one for couples...

Man Utd make NHS donations

Alex Ferguson led the praise of health organisations fighting the coronavirus pandemic as Manchester United announced donations.

Full story


Iran records lowest single-day fatalities in 25 days

Iran reported that 117 people had died from coronavirus-related illnesses on Thursday – the lowest single-day figures since mid-March. The total death toll in Iran because of the Covid-19 pandemic crept over the 4,000 mark and stands at 4,110.

Iran's Health Ministry announced that the total number of infections in the country since the crisis started is 66,220 although more than half of that figure have recovered. Nevertheless, is encouraging that the number of new cases it at its lowest since the last week of March.


Latest USA Covid-19 figures at a glance

With over 400,000 confirmed cases, the US leads the way globally with positive Covid-19 infections.

Full summary of latest US statistics

Lockdowns and curfew extensions in India: Punjab, Odisha, Mumbai...

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread in all corners of the world, certain Indian states are looking to extend lockdown as a preventative measure.

Full story

Italy poised to lift lockdown restrictions

As the new infection rate and death tolls decrease, Italian PM Giuseppe Conte told the BBC on Thursday: "We need to pick sectors that can restart their activity. If scientists confirm it, we might begin to relax some measures already by the end of this month."

683 deaths in Spain over past 24 hours

The Spanish Ministry of Health have issued the daily figures relating to the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the nation. The figures represent the past 24 hours and show a drop in the the daily fatality rate with 683 people losing their lives to the virus. This represents a decrease on the Wednesday total of 757 and reflects a drop after two successive days of increased deaths

Spain's cumulative total as of today is: 15,238 deaths, 15,446 positive cases & 52,165 full recoveries.

India v Pakistan

No India-Pakistan ODI series "any time soon"

Pakistan batsman Zaheer Abbas has said he doesn't see an India-Pakistan series taking place soon, despite former player Shoaib Akhtar suggesting a three match ODI series to raise funds for Covid-19 relief. ""I think it is very difficult. We have been trying for long but I don't see it happening in near future," Abbas told the Press Trust of India in an interview. Abbas said "life should come back on track" in the face of Covid-19 before any sporting events could be contemplated. Both the Pakistan Super League and the Indian Premier League are suspended. 

Coronavirus: total Nigeria cases and deaths, real-time map, 9 April


Coronavirus: total Nigeria cases and deaths, real-time map, 9 April

Latest Nigeria updates

There have been 276 confirmed coronavirus cases and six deaths in Nigeria, while 44 people in the country have recovered after contracting Covid-19.


Japan cases hit new single-day high

Japan confirmed 455 new coronavirus  cases on Wednesday, the highest number of cases reported in a single day as the country begins the third day under a state of emergency. It's the first time that Japan has exceeded the 400-mark in daily Covid-19 infections. As of 16:00 hours local time (10:00 hours CEST), Japan had registered 4,667 positive cases and 94 deaths

Most of the country's confirmed cases have been concentrated in the capital where 31 fatalities have been reported and close to 1,500 cases of Covid-19 infection. Life continues pretty much as normal, as can be seen from the photograph above of commuters travelling to work at Shinjuku station this morning although there is said to have been a drop in the number of people using public transport.



“If you want to get to pre-coronavirus, that might not ever happen.” Some sobering stuff from Dr. Anthony Fauci of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. 

Coronavirus: Wuhan free after 76 days of lockdown


Coronavirus: Wuhan free after 76 days of lockdown

Good news from Wuhan, where the lock down has finally been partially lifted. 

Coronavirus: the complete guide to the Covid-19 pandemic


Coronavirus: the complete guide to the Covid-19 pandemic

If you have any questions or queries regarding Covid-19, chances are they'll be answered in here. 

In some relatively good news...  

Why 'Spanish Flu' got its name

Spanish flu

Why 'Spanish Flu' got its name

Why the "Spanish" flu, you ask? Well, that's a whole story we have right here.  

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has stated that Spain is currently facing the most serious crisis since the "Spanish" flu pandemic following WWI 

Real Madrid agree to slash players' wage bill by €33-56m


Real Madrid agree to slash players' wage bill by €33-56m

One from yesterday... Real Madrid are willing to take a huge hit under the current circumstances. 

Some good news from the Premier League. The NHS needs it more than they do. 

Good morning and above all else we hope you and yours are well. Over the course of the day, we will be bringing you all of the latest news related to the Covid-19 virus from around the world on 9 April. At the time of writing, the virus has claimed over 88,500 lives with close to 1.5 million positive cases currently confirmed around the world. In good news, 329,876 people have recovered from the virus. We can't say it enough, but our best wishes to all those on the front line.