Total US Covid-19 cases outstrip China, Italy and Spain

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Total US Covid-19 cases outstrip China, Italy and Spain

Coronavirus: Spain, USA and worldwide

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Total cases in the United States rose above 85,000 on Thursday 26 March, taking the overall number to more than in either China, Italy or Spain, previously the three worst-affected nations worldwide.

The Manchester United and Spain keeper was thanked by Madrid regional president Isabel Díaz for his help in the fight against the coronavirus.

According to data available at 00:00 CET on March 26, India was among the least affected nations in the world by the advance of the coronavirus pandemic.

Former Republican Candidate for President Joe Walsh has tweeted about the situation in Boston. Earlier on Thursday it was confirmed that the US has now surpassed every other country globally in terms of numbers of recorded cases of Covid-19

The Camp Nou board has announced the temporary restructuring of sporting and non-sporting personnel to minimise the economic impact of coronavirus.

Thank you to all of the healthcare workers, doctors, nurses in the UK and all over the world who are risking their lives to save others, Liverpool FC show their gratitude. 

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the US have now outstripped any other country in the world, according to the New York Times. 

Atlético Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has said that the club's players and staff will "rise to the occasion" during the coronavirus crisis in Spain and accept pay cuts. 


Pedro Rodriguez admitted that his future at Chelsea is still up in the air but in the meantime, he has been helping those back home, buying protective screens for hospitals in Spain out of his own pocket. Read the full story here:

A message for front line health workers from Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool FC

The unfortunate mammal, which is one of the most-traded globally on the black market, could be the original host for Covid-19 fresh research suggests.

Felipe VI

Spanish King Felipe VI  made a surprise visit to the makeshift field hospital which was set up earlier this week at the IFEMA conference centre in Madrid. The provisional hospital has been equipped with 1,396 beds which are spaced apart and around 100 beds for patients in intensive care. King Felipe VI, who wore a protective mask during his visit, declared that the temporary care unit is "a place of hope. I have been closely following events and the work being done here is extraordinary. This is a symbol of what can be achieved if we all work together". The royal visit to IFEMA lasted around an hour but the monarch was not accompanied by Queen consort Letizia.

Real Madrid join in the nightly 20:00 applause


China's Foreign Affairs Ministry has announced that the country will be closing its borders from midnight on Friday to all foreign visitors. The move, it explained, is a temporary measure to combat the escalating Covid-19 pandemic. China's borders will remain closed until further notice. Access will be permitted however, for residents with temporary permits from the county's special administrative regions Hong Kong and Macau

Spain's analysis of the important 'rapid tests' has rendered them useless. But they were not from official suppliers confirms the Chinese embassy

England cricketers are clapping.

Are you rooting for the medical teams at the front line of fighting for coronavirus?

UK chancellor press conference

UK chancellor, Rishi Sunak, says he is announcing support for the self-employed.

A new self-employed package that he describes as something greater than any other country. It offers the self-employed a taxable grant (calculated on last three years) of 80% of their earnings, up to 2,500 GBP, with a variety of more detailed conditions. This matches that of employed people and will run for at least three months.

To minimise fraud, only those already registered will be able to access these grants. And it must be for those whose work is primarily self employed and should cover 95% of self-employed workers.

After running through the previous actions taken to help businesses in recent days, Sunak admits that despite this being a healthy package, he admits some jobs will be lost during this crisis.

Full details at the HM Treasury website

Big decision announced in the lower tiers of English football. What will follow at the upper echelons?

We are expecting Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor, to speak any time after 16:30 GMT (17:30 CET). A main focus of his speech will be the financial help to be given to the self-employed.

There are some very tough realities being faced on the back of this crisis. 

This report provides one example of how a society sets itself up can help it to deal with crises when they come along.

Real Madrid are to hand control of the Bernabéu to the Higher Council for Sports, which will use the stadium as a storage centre for medical equipment and supplies...

With stable geniuses like Donald Trump sometimes getting a little confused with history, we aim to bring you nuggets of information related to the current crisis that can help in conversations...

For people in the United Kingdom, there is an organised round of applause at 20:00 GMT tonight. As you'll know if you've been following us for a while, this is a nightly event in Spain, and one that has really brought communities together.

It is a small gesture of appreciation to all the medical staff that are putting their own health at risk, but one that has been appreciated across the country. Get involved and make some noise!

We'd love to hear similar stories of people around the world thanking those in the front line. Please use the comments section and we'll try to share them...

Big news for the self employed in the UK expected later today as the lockdown takes hold.

Is this a fever?

Is this just allergies?

Caught in a lockdown

No escape from the family...

Incredible rise in unemployment claims in the U.S. as Donald Trump and others have called for people to return to work imminently, which is staunchly against the recommendations of health experts...

The World Health Organization has stated it sees ‘encouraging signs’ in Europe, which has become the epi-centre for the global coronavirus crisis in recent weeks.

"While the situation remains very serious, we are starting to see some encouraging signs. Italy, which has the highest number of cases in the region, has just seen a slightly lower rate of increase, though it is still too early to say that the pandemic is peaking in that country," Hans Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe, told a press conference. 

Latest coronavirus numbers in the United States

Here's a brief rundown of the latest coronavirus figures in the United States, whose senate on Wednesday passed a 2.2tn-dollar relief package to battle the coronavirus' negative economic effects on the country.


Leeds players, coaches agree wage deferral

English Championship leaders Leeds United have announced that they have agreed a wage deferral package with their players and coaches, to "ensure that the club can continue to pay all 272 members of full-time staff and the majority of casual staff for the coming months."

You'll find the full story on that here.

Updated worldwide coronavirus figures

Here’s a summary of the latest coronavirus figures outside of Spain at 12:15 CET, according to Johns Hopkins University:

UK: 9,642 cases; 467 deaths

US: 69,197 cases; 1,046 deaths

Italy: 74,386 cases; 7,503 deaths

China: 81,782 cases; 3,291 deaths

India: 693 cases; 13 deaths

World: 480,446 cases; 21,571 deaths

Spain has now passed the 4,000 mark in number of deaths from coronavirus. In the latest figures released from Spain's Ministry of health, 655 more people died from COVID-19 in the last 24-hour period, bringing the total number of deaths to 4,089. There were 8.578 new cases, meaning the total has now surpassed 56,000 cases.

Yesterday, Spain ovetook China to become the country with the second highest number of COVID-19 related deaths after Italy. Lockdown measures have been in place since March 14 and will last until at least April 12. The govenrment is hoping to see the impact of the lockdown measures reflected in the statistics by the end of the week.   

Barcelona players refuse coronavirus pay cut

Barcelona president Josep María Bartomeu has been unable to convince his players to take a temporary pay cut as a result of the coronavirus' financial impact on football.

You'll find the full story here:

Cristiano Ronaldo shows off

Cristiano Ronaldo criticised over quarantine photos

Former Juve president, Giovanni Cobolli Gigli, reflecting the anger of many Juventus fans, has harshly criticised Ronaldo for posting posed photos from Madeira, where he was allowed to travel to be with his mother who had suffered a stroke. “He said he was going to see his mother and just posts photos from the pool”, said the former president.

"How are we going to have football back by May?"

The president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, says that the plan remains to finish the LaLiga season, but feels there’s no way play will start up again before June.

“It's impossible to resume the league in May,” Rubiales told reporters via video link on Wednesday. “The military are setting up field hospitals in Madrid as we speak, so how are we going to have football back by May?

Rubiales’ full interview is here:

Latest coronavirus figures in India

India's population of 1.3 billion has been on a 21-day lockdown since midnight on Tuesday in a bid to avoid a spread of the coronavirus, which has so far led to 13 confirmed deaths in the country.

Here's an at-a-glance rundown of the Covid-19 situation in India:

"One of the darkest moments in recent Spanish history"

738 people died from the coronavirus in Spain on Wednesday, with the country’s total death toll of 3,647 now well ahead of China, where the pandemic originated, and second only to Italy.

Writing in the Guardian, Spain-based journalist Giles Tremlett has described what the nation is going through as “one of the darkest moments in recent Spanish history":

"Not much has been said about how exposed Valencia were in the Atalanta tie"

AS spoke to Dani Parejo, the captain of Valencia - a club majorly affected by the coronavirus, after an estimated 35% of their players and staff were infected with Covid-19. Parejo is in no doubt that the Champions League tie against Italian club Atalanta, which went ahead on 19 February - a game since labelled in Italy as “a biological timebomb” - should never have been played.


Full interview here:

Global coronavirus cases now over 470,000

Here’s a summary of the latest coronavirus figures, according to Johns Hopkins University:

Spain: 49,515 cases; 3,647 deaths

UK: 9,640 cases; 467 deaths

US: 69,197 cases; 1,050 deaths

Italy: 75,386 cases; 7,503 deaths

China: 81,736 cases; 3,291 deaths

India: 680 cases; 13 deaths

World: 472,790 cases; 21,313 deaths

Coronavirus live: good morning

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