Coronavirus: how to use Turbotax to get stimulus checks faster

The tax support company has joined forces with the IRS in order to help millions of Americans who do not file tax returns to access their stimulus payments.

Coronavirus: how to use Turbotax to get stimulus checks faster

TurboTax is a company that helps people to prepare their taxes and it has launched a free online portal in order to aid people who don't file their taxes to quickly get their money from the recently announced stimulus package.

TurboTax partners IRS

On the company’s ‘stimulus registration’ page, Americans on lower incomes can submit their mailing address or direct-deposit details so that they can receive the amount they are owed. If they are unsure of what they are entitled to then there is a calculator available to work this out. Click here to register.

With the objective of helping those who are not required to file their tax returns get their payments faster, TurboTax linked up with the Inland Revenue Service to offer this, and it costs nothing to use.

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Over the past three weeks we have seen more than 16 million American workers make jobless claims but many are at risk of not receiving their stimulus payment due to not using the federal tax return. A similar tool launched on the IRS website serves the same purpose and this can be found here.

Who is the TurboTax tool for?

You can find out all the details on the site but it is useful to note that:

- It is for people with income below the standard deduction amounts for 2019 ($12,200 single filers, $18,350 heads of household, $24,400 joint filers).

- It is not for people with income below the standard deduction amounts above who want to claim other refundable credits, which involve you having to file a full tax return, even if you don't have a tax liability.

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