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Coronavirus live updates: data, infections, deaths USA, India, UK... 10 April

Coronavirus live: latest Covid-19 updates - 10 April

Front page 11 April 2020

Live feed close: 10 April

Our live blog is going to close here but we will be back in a few hours to ensure you are kept up to date with the coronavirus pandemic developments.

Until then, here is our front page for Saturday 11 April focused on the fire brewing at Barça. Full story.

Covid-19 immunity questions

In South Korea, a country praised for its response to the pandemic, patients who tested postive for the virus have done so a second time.

FT daily graphics summary

JB-M has published the updated figures with the US and UK continuing to take a focus. Check out the full thread if you want to delve deeper and understand the rationale behind the graphs.

Real Madrid vs Barça cancelled

It may be relatively trivial to the pain and heartache that the coronavirus is causing around the world, but in sports news, the highly anticipated Clásico in the US has now been officially cancelled.

BJK hospital ready to serve

A new temporary hospital has opened up in New York.

Bacteria vs virus

Donald Trump has again come under fire after linking a required viral solution to antibiotics. Antibiotics do not help with viruses.

What is Kevzara?

Selected patients that have tested positive for coronavirus in Boston, Massachusetts, have been chosen to be tested with the already approved drug.

Disappointing news for football fans in the US as plans for a Stateside Clásico have been shelved following the cancellation of the International Champions Cup...

Calculate your unemployment benefit

For US readers, fill in a couple of pieces of info and understand what you can expect.


Bankruptcies related to Covid-19 shutdowns will set records in the next 12 months, according to Edward Altman, the professor emeritus at New York University’s Stern School of Business who developed a widely used method called the Z-score for predicting business failures.

Italy lockdown extended as PM calls EU €500bn rescue package "insufficient"

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Friday announced the extension of a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus until May 3. The country, which has so far reported over 18,000 deaths, has been on lockdown since March 9. 

“This is a difficult but necessary decision for which I take all political responsibility,” Conte told a news conference.

Mr. Conte also said that the 500-billion-euro rescue package signed off by EU ministers to support the bloc's most affected countries was “still insufficient”.

BBC journalist, Nancy Kacungira, calls attention to the unfortuante situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has so far reported 60 coronavirus cases, with five deaths and five people recovered.

USA last new coronavirus death predicted for mid-June

A study has used the available date to forecast how the pandemic will come to an end in countries and regions around the world. 

Two-day lockdown in Turkey

Turkey is imposing a two-day lockdown in 31 provinces, including Istanbul, Ankara and other major cities, in response to the spread of Covid-19, the Interior Ministry has announced.

It said the curbs would begin at midnight and end at the same time on Sunday. Turkey earlier announced its death toll from the virus had risen to 1,006. 

Deaths over 1,000 in France

The number of people who have died from coronavirus infection in France jumped by nearly 1,000 to 13,197, Reuters have reported. But the number of people in intensive care units fell slightly for the second day in a row as the effect of nationwide confinement started to show.

The health ministry said 7,004 people were in intensive care, a fall of 62 or 0.9% following a 1% fall on Thursday. 'We seem to be reaching a plateau, albeit a high level,' health ministry director Jerome Salomon told a daily press briefing by video.

CR7 masks up

The Juventus and Portugal forward posts on Twitter an image of his face covered in a mask with the flag of his homeland and that of his current home.

SIr Kenny Dalglish positive for coronavirus

The family of former Liverpool player and manager, Sir Kenny Dalglish, has relseased a statement after the 69-year-old Reds legend tested positive for coronavirus. The statement reads: 

"Sir Kenny was admitted to hospital on Wednesday April 8 for treatment of an infection which required intravenous antibiotics.  In keeping with current procedures, he was subsequently tested for COVID-19 despite having previously displayed no symptoms of the illness. Unexpectedly, the test result was positive but he remains asymptomatic. 

"Prior to his admission to hospital, Sir Kenny had chosen to voluntarily self-isolate for longer than the advised period together with his family. He would urge everyone to follow the relevant government and expert guidance in the days and weeks ahead. He would like to take this opportunity to thank the brilliant NHS staff, whose dedication, bravery and sacrifice should be the focus of the nation’s attention at this extraordinary time."


Worldwide deaths surpass 100,000 mark

The number of coronavirus deaths worldwide has now surpassed 100,000. According to John Hopkins University's latest figures, 100,376 have now died from the disease, while in total there have been over 1,650,000 infections. Italy has reported the most deaths at 18,849, with the US close behind with 18,002.


Estimations are that up to 2.6 million guns were sold in the US in March. So what has got Americans buying firearms in record numbers during the COVID-19 pandemic? Take a read of our piece below.

How Japan went from example of coronavirus management to state of emergency

Having been held up as an example of how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, Japan is now in a state of emergency after a surge in cases.

Full story:

Growing number of companies banning Zoom

Several companies, including Google and SpaceX, have banned its employees from using popular video-conferencing app, Zoom, due to security concerns. Use of Zoom has syrocketed across the world during the coronavirus crisis. While many workers on lockdown have utilised Zoom to hold online meeting with colleagues, others have used it to hold virtual gatherings with family and friends. 

In response to the concerns, Zoom has layed out a 90-day plan to strengthen its security and privacy protocols. Part of the plan has included the formation a consultation comittee made up of security experts from the likes of Netflix, Uber, HSBC and NTT Data. 

Coronavirus reaches wartorn Yemen

Yemen has reported its first case of coronavirus, after a male patient tested positive for the diseases in the port town of Ash Shihr. The news confirms the worst fears for health workers in the country, whose medical services have been left decimated after five years of conflct with Saudi Arabia, which has already called a temporary ceasefire due to the coronavirus crisis.

California spends on protection

Governor of California Gavin Newsom has declared that the west coast state will be spending 1.4 billion dollars on protective clothing and supplies. Newsom said that an order had been placed with Chinese suppliers for 150 million N95 masks per month, along with 50 million surgical masks, protective gowns, gloves and face shields.

Coronavirus-related deaths in California rose past the 500-mark this week with almost 100 fatalities reported during the last couple of days - mostly elderly patients in nursing homes.

Consult the total number of coronavirus cases, deaths and recoveries here:

Sweden's soaring death rate shows danger of 'herd immunity'

While other nations have imposed lockdown restrictions to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, Sweden’s shops, bars and schools remain open. But what effect has this had?

Full story:

Boris Johnson "almost took one for the team", says father

UK prime minister Boris Johnson must “rest up” after leaving intensive care, his father has told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

"He almost took one for the team and we've got to make sure we play properly now," Stanley Johnson said on Friday.

Having been admitted to intensive care on Monday after his coronavirus symptoms worsened, Johnson, 55, was moved out of the ICU on Thursday but remains in hospital.

His father added that there would be a “period of adjustment” before the PM could return to work at Downing Street. petition calls for award for Spain's healthcare workers

More than 140,000 signatures have been collected in a petition calling for Spain’s next Princess of Asturias Awards to recognise the efforts of the country’s healthcare workers in the coronavirus crisis.

My name is Diego and I’m the oldest of six siblings,” the petition says. “I’m 15 years old and then there’s my brothers and sisters: Andrés, 13, Iván, 11, Sara, nine, Sofía, five, and Maite, 18 months. 

"Our mother is a nurse and she works at the Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid. We have been shut up inside for several weeks, experiencing the distress my mother experiences every day because of the situation that she’s going through in her job.

My mother […] risks her life to care for the health of other citizens. I think that all these people are the ones who should get prizes, because they’re true heroes. They’re our heroes and they’re going to get us out of this critical situation thanks to their effort, their dedication and their commitment to others.”

The Princess of Asturias Awards are a series of annual prizes handed out to people and organisations for notable achievements in the fields of science, the humanities and public affairs.

Study predicts first day with no Covid-19 deaths

Analysis by the IHME in Washington shows when countries and regions can expect their first day without a new death caused by the virus to come.

Full story:

How long has Spain been on lockdown and when will it end?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a state of emergency was declared in Spain on 14 March - and it has now been extended twice.

It may be a bank holiday in Spain, but the police in Madrid are redoubling their efforts to ensure that nobody tries to skip the lock down for a weekend away. 

Malaysia announces lockdown extension

Malaysia Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin confirmed this afternoon that lockdown and restrictment of movement measures would remain in place until 28 April. In his televised address to the nation, Yassinsaid: "Let me remind you that the war on the covid-19 virus is not yet over. Keep your spirits up and continue to fight. If we persevere, we will win”. 


Italy lockdown expected to be extended to 3 May

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is expected to announce either later today or tomorrow that the country will remain under lockdown until 3 May. Italy's current confinement restrictions were due to be lifted on Monday 13 April but the nation remains in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic - it is the country to have suffered the most fatalities as a result of the Civid-19 crisis with 18,279 people losing their lives and 143,626 cases of infection. 

Semana Santa

Spain's death rate continues gradual descent

Encouraging news from Spain's Health Ministry on Good Friday with the number of deaths from coronavirus-related illnesses continuing to fall. The total number of fatalities recorded between Thursday and Friday was 605 - down on the 683 deaths recorded on the previous day and 757 on Wednesday.

It is the lowest figure recorded in Spain since 24 March, when 515 patients succumbed to the virus.

Meanwhile, the number of new cases during the last 24 hours was reported at 4,576, a slight 3% increase. The total number of positive cases in Spain rose to 157,022.

It seems the Bundesliga has set a date to start up again, but experts are not sure it's entirely a good idea. 

Some eerie images of an essentially empty Barcelona during the coronavirus lock down in Spain. 

According to the NYT, the jobless rate in America is now somewhere between 15 and 17 percent. As a comparison, during the Great Depression that figure stood at around 25 percent. 

The US government has put measures in place to help out of work citizens ride out the crisis. 

According to this NGO, 6.6 million Amreicans were made redundant last week. 

Meanwhile, unemployment figures are soaring across the USA with some experts predicting that a new Great Depression is on the cards for the world at large. 

According to CNN, some 20 percent of the NYPD have been affected by Covid-19

In US news, the situation shows little sign of easing up in New York

For those readers in Spain, news from yesterday that the national state of emergency has been extended again. It is now anticipated that the country will remain on total lock down until at least the middle of May. 

Good morning and best wishes from all of us here at AS English. We hope that you are all doing well during the current crisis. Over the course of the day, we will be bringing you all of the latest news related to the Covid-19 virus from around the world on 10 April. At the time of writing, the virus has claimed over 95,000 lives with more than 1.6 million positive cases currently confirmed around the world. In good news, over 350,000 people have recovered from the virus due to the sterling work of the emergency services the world over. As ever, our thoughts and gratitude are with them.