'Scandal in Anoeta': Barcelona media enraged by Madrid win

Mundo Deportivo and Sport opened up their Monday papers with headlines questioning the decisions that gave victory and LaLiga top spot to Los Blancos.


The front pages of the Barcelona sports press on Monday morning, and many that then follow, are fuming after Real Madrid's controversial victory at Anoeta. Three crucial decisions caught the attention in the 1-2 victory for Los Blancos and the headlines in Catalonia leave no doubt about what is being felt there.

Barcelona media enraged at Madrid decisions

Mundo Deportivo goes with the ironic ‘Made in Madrid’, while Sport simply ‘VAR leaders’ adding ‘scandal in Anoeta’.

The three incidents being questioned by the papers, and fans around the country and beyond, are the debatable penalty awarded for the foul on Vinicius; the Januzaj goal that was disallowed due to Courtois deemed to be unsighted; and the part of the arm Benzema appeared to use to control the ball before scoring (including a focus on the image of the Frenchman pointing to that part of himself).

Las portadas de Mundo Deportivo y Sport aluden a las polémicas arbitrales que tuvo el partido entre la Real Sociedad y el Real Madrid.

Much attention is also being given to the fact that the referee of the clash was Catalonia’s very own Estrada Fernández, someone who is getting plenty of time dedicated to him on Spanish football shows right now. Zinedane Zidane had been quick to dismiss Gerard Piqué's view of bias.

Another paper, La Vanguardia, fronts its digital sports edition with the story out of San Sebastián: ‘Real Madrid's top spot plagued with suspicion’, as they highlighted the same three actions.

The Periódico de Cataluña follow the same line of attack: ‘Real Madrid go top amid controversy’.