Second stimulus check: will there be another vote by the Senate?

Congress does not appear in a position to announce a deal early next week, but if they can, here is an estimated timeline of events.

Second stimulus check: will there be another vote by the Senate?

With congressional Republicans and Democrats failing to reach an agreement on a stimulus relief package by the 7 August deadline, President Donald Trump has taken action into his own hands by signing a series of executive orders aimed at providing relief to Americans suffering from the impact of the economic crisis sparked by the coronavirus pandemic.

The orders signed by Trump include an extension of weekly unemployment benefits, a payroll tax cut, a moratorium on evictions and student loan repayment.

Congress has now pushed the deadline back. If the Senate passes a stimulus package on August 12th, the House of Representatives would vote on 13 August. Then the President will sign the bill on the 14th and the stimulus checks could be sent the week of the 17th.

Now if the Senate passes the stimulus relief package on 14 August, then the House would vote approximately on 17 August. The President would sign the bill one day later and the IRS would send the checks the week of 24 August.

US President Donald Trump signs executive orders extending coronavirus economic relief, during a news conference in Bedminster, New Jersey, on August 8, 2020.

How the process works

  1. The Senate votes.
  2. The House votes.
  3. The President signs the legislation
  4. The legislation becomes law