Amazon Prime Day

How do I cancel my Amazon Prime free trial?

If you signed up for an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of Prime Day 2020 deals, here's how to cancel your subscription for free.

How do I cancel my Amazon Prime free trial?
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Millions of online shoppers take part in Amazon Prime Day every year as the retail giant offers discounts on a whole host of electricals in a two-day promotion. A report from Numerator found that a massive 57% of households will make a purchase during the event, with 14% spending over $100 with the online retailer.

This year’s savings were available on the 13 and 14 October but only Amazon Prime members able to access the deals.To get around this, many shoppers took advantage of Amazon’s 30-day free trial of its Prime service and will now be looking to cancel their subscription.

Although Amazon offer the initial month of the service for free users are then automatically entered into a monthly rolling contract or may even be charged a one-off fee for an annual subscription.

If you signed up to make the most of the Amazon Prime Day deals but don’t want to be charged, here’s how to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription…

1. To make changes to your subscription you first need to log into your Amazon Prime and enter the ‘Your Account’ section

2. In the ‘Settings’ sub-heading you will find the option to ‘Manage Your Prime Membership’

3. On the left side of the page you will see options related to your free trial. The second option should read ‘Do not continue’ – click on this

4. On the final day of your 30-day free trial the membership will now automatically cancel and you will not be charged

5. If you later change your mind and wish to reinstate your Amazon Prime membership you can simply follow steps 1 and 2 and click ‘Continue membership’

Best of all, although you have effectively cancelled your membership you can continue to use your Amazon Prime account until the original 30-day period is up.

I forgot to cancel my Amazon Prime subscription and I’ve been charged, what can I do?

It’s easily done. You sign up thinking you’ll just use it for a couple of days but you then remember a last-minute birthday present that needs buying; you get hooked on a box set and before you know it you’re at day 31 of your Prime membership and you’ve just been charged for the privilege.

Annoying, but you may be able to claim a refund.

Any users who have paid for Prime but have not yet used any of the services (since the date of payment) can get their money back. Providing you have not watched any Prime Video or taken advantage of their one-day delivery service you can still receive a full refund.

Following the same steps as listed above, select ‘End membership’ on the ‘Your Account’ page. Amazon automatically checks your past use to see if you qualify and, if you do, a refund will be applied.