Courtois gives an insight into the world of Real Madrid's dressing room

The goalkeeper opened the door to what goes on behind the scenes: "Nacho, Modric and Carvajal hate losing mini-matches. Marcelo and Ramos supply the music"

Courtois, tras la victoria de Bélgica ante Portugal.

Thibaut Courtois spoke to Téléfoot about the past season at Real Madrid, and was also subjected to a fun test, the answers of which gave an insight into the world of the team's dressing room, it's characters and their quirks.

The Belgian keeper was asked which player he felt had the most technical skills in the Real Madrid squad. His answer was surprising: “For me, Marcelo. Technically, he is very good. But the so is Toni (Kroos), Luka Modric, Eden…” The questionaire then took a slightly different course: “The best dressed? Asensio always dresses well. Ramos has his own style. I think for those who work in the fashion industry, he is very stylish. It might not be the kind of clothes that I would wear myself, but he's often well dressed. Mariano and Carvajal also have good fashion sense”.

The Madrid right-back was mentioned in another part of the quiz in a question which revealed something about his character. When asked which players reacted worse to losing a mini-practive match in training, Thibaut was in no doubt: “Three of them - Modric, Nacho and Carvajal. Whenever we play those mini-matches, we take a photo of the winners. We call them The Three Vinegars because they are always bitter in defeat. They really hate losing”. As for the jokers in the squad, Courtois revealed who was the most entertaining: “Jokes and banter in the dressing room? Marcelo loves a joke, and Ramos too. I think overall, there is quite a lot of banter between us, when we play piggy in the middle, it's non-stop and it's great fun”.

Los datos de Courtois de esta temporada.

There is always someone in charge of setting the mood by organising the music: “Right now, we can't all be together, so it's a bit difficult. Usually it's either Marcelo or Sergio Ramos who bring the music in. When it's Ramos, it's Spanish music, reggaetón, etc. Marcelo likes to put on the classics, R&B, hip hop… so it's a little bit different. It's good that we have mix of both styles though”.

As for vices inside the dressing room, the keeper confessed he is probably more guilty than the other for using his mobole phone: “I'm one of the ones who uses it the most, I have to admit. Modric uses his phone a lot inside the dressing room. The younger one are always on their phones. If you go into the dressing room after a game or a training session, you'll see 20 players all on their phones... I don't think it's a good thing to be honest, but it's a sign of the times we are living in”.