Laporta: "Messi? It's all about Financial Fair Play"

Barcelona's president admitted on 'El Transistor' that the club continues to search for solutions to reach an agreement with the Argentine star.

Laporta: "Messi? It's all about Financial Fair Play"

Joan Laporta was one of José Ramón de la Morena's guests on his final appearance presenting El Transistor. The Barcelona president wished the journalist well in his next venture and also spoke about the situation concerning Leo Messi, whose contract with Barcelona expired at midnight.

Messi: "I know that Leo wants to stay. Talks have been going well and we are making every effort to ensure that he stays. We have to fit in with Financial Fair Play rules. There are a lot of alternatives and we are studying all of them. I'd like to be able to tell you right now that Leo is staying, but as things stand I can't do that because we are in the process of finding the best solution. We're heading in the right direction. It's all about Financial Fair Play, basically".

Return to Barcelona presidency: "The first time it was all new to me and now I am more aware of how it all works, but I have the same drive as before. It's a massive challenge and that's why I am determined to rise to it. It's rejuvenated me. We had a little revolution, and now I am reliving those good moments. People are very excited. They are going to demand a lot from us and I think I am prepared to respond".

Super League is still on

Super League: "We practically cannot even exchange players, because the market is contracting. That won't affect the Spanish league. We are the first ones who are keen to ensure that LaLiga continues and we want to win it every year. I think that by talking things through we can reach an agreement. The matter isn't closed. It's still on the table to discuss".