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Jets' Zach Wilson not worried about his position as he recovers

The rookie quarterback is out injured and has had to watch his replacement become a fan favorite.

Jets' Zach Wilson not worried about his position as he recovers

The rookie quarterback is currently out injured and his replacement is fast becoming a star, but he's staying positive

Zach Wilson isn't worried about job security

The New York Jets must be aware of their good fortune. Star player and starting quarterback Zach Wilson is set to be out for at least three more games but his replacement Mike White, has quickly become a fan-favorite Mike White with some stellar performances. Speaking on Thursday about the challenge that is growing in his absence, Wilson was unconcerned in his response, clarifying that he is staying focused on his health and not his playing status. "I can't even worry about that," he said.

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Wilson is back in training

On Wednesday the 2021 No. 2 pick overall participated in training, however he was quick to acknowledge that his knee is "definitely is not 100%." As Wilson gets closer to his return he will surely create a good kind of headache for coach Robret Saleh who now faces the question of 'who to select?' The star rookie or the veteran who has surprisingly reignited the offense.

Zach Wilson shares his thoughts

In his first public statements since his unfortunate injury some three weeks ago, Wilson didn't seem bothered about the potential uncertainty surrounding his position. "No, definitely not, and the reason is I've played only five games," he said. "I just got here. I'm supposed to be a senior in college right now. You have to understand, it's going to be hard. I'm not making excuses, but that's where growth comes from. I definitely didn't come here thinking this would be the greatest thing ever and we're going to go undefeated. I knew it was going to be tough and that's part of the process. That's what makes football so fun. My time is going to come."

The Jets may prefer Mike White

For his part coach Robert Saleh mas a little ambiguous. After declining to clarify whether or not Wilson would return to the lineup once healthy, he actually went on to speak about White. Offensive coordinator Mike LaFLeur also chimed in. "For a guy who hasn't played a lot of ball, I do think his brain is pretty seasoned in this league."

White himself offered his opinion saying that he's taking things on a "week-to-week basis." Be that as it may the No. 2 quarter back has amassed impressive numbers in a short space of time. In five quarters, he has passed for 500 yards and four touchdowns. "My mindset is, every time I go on the field, I want to show - whether it's this team or the other 31 teams - I want to show them what I'm capable of and let the rest handle itself," he said.

Zach Wilson is learning from Mike White

In general White has been inspirational with his leadership and patience. He has often demonstrated a willingness to take checkdowns instead of forcing the the play, something which Zach Wilson says he's learning "I would say my style of plays needs to get more like that," Wilson said. Interestingly Wilson went onto add that White is his closest friend on the team, and that they haven't had to discuss a potentially awkward situation. "We both understand this is part of the business of football," Wilson said. "I want to play, he wants to play. It's just how it is. What's the point of butting heads when we can help each other out? I think we can both benefit from the situation."

What about the 'Mike White' chants?

Asked about the chants of his name from teammates White joked about the way his teammates greet him in the locker room. "The guys won't stop chanting, 'Mike White!'" he said. "I told them, 'It has to stop at some point, guys.'" With a smile he added that he hoped to hear it this coming Sunday, "because that means the offense is doing something good."