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Genshin Impact developers talk about how they used AI in their hit game Honkai: Star Rail

The new miHoYo game already uses artificial intelligence techniques, but they have not used it to write narrative content, paying attention to “its impact”.

Honkai Star Rail

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence: that it will put us all out of work, that machines will turn against us, that the world as we know it is over.... but what about video games? In an interview with IGN, miHoYo, the studio behind Genshin Impact, explained how they approached AI in their latest game, Honkai: Star Rail.

“Our team is paying much attention to AI, especially its impact on the gaming industry,” the developers commented. “In fact, we have already integrated some latest AI technologies into Honkai: Star Rail. These techniques have been implemented to improve the facial appearance and behavioral patterns of characters, enhancing the immersive gaming experience with a more natural representation overall.”

AI applications in Honkai

According to IGN, miHoYo has not currently considered some AI integrations that may be implemented in the future, such as the ability to add AI-generated narrative content. “With that being said, we also found out that the current application of AI is still restricted. It is more like a ‘cherry on the top’ technique to supplement what we already had instead of fundamentally solving issues from the ground up. We will focus on the [repercussions] and development of AI, figuring out a more robust implementation in the future.”

In the same interview, the publication also asked about the future of Honkai: Star Rail, which looks very bright. However, the studio was cautious and did not want to reveal any specific details, except for the fact that the game is planned as a long-term product, following the steps of Genshin Impact. This means that there will be major updates and more content in the future, which should be taken for granted considering the nature of the project (game as a service).

Will there be some kind of crossover with Genshin Impact? It is not out of the question, although it is too early to say whether it will happen or not.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently available for PC, Android and iOS mobile phones. The game has already surpassed 20 million downloads.

Source | IGN