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Nintendo and Niantic launch new Pikmin video game for smartphones

Niantic is once again teaming up with Nintendo to release a second augmented reality video game based on Pikmin.

Pikmin 4

During an event in Seattle, Nintendo, and Niantic Labs confirmed the launch of a new augmented reality video game called Pikmin Finder, a free title for mobile phones that can be accessed through any browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, among others, Nintendo Life reported.

In Pikmin Finder, you must find the various Pikmin creatures in the environment, which will change throughout the day. By following these creatures, players can find various treasures in the places they pass through.

Pikmin Finder, nuevo título de Nintendo y Niantic
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Image: Nintendo Life.

Niantic’s second installment of Pikmin

In October 2021, Niantic and Nintendo will launch Pikmin Bloom, another augmented reality video game for mobile phones, a title of complete exploration and varied weekly missions, a title with more than 150 types of Pikmin.

How to get Pikmin Finder

To get this new video game from Nintendo and Niantic, any player just has to enter this link and enjoy a delivery for all types of users that does not require any data storage, since the browser cookies save the progress of the game you are playing.

Pikmin Finder, nueva entrega de Nintendo y Niantic
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Image: Nintendo Life.