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The Counter-Stike 2 bug that causes players’ knives to catch on fire

CS2 has been out for barely a week and yet players are already finding strange bugs. But this is one that they actually don’t want Valve to fix.

Counter Strike 2 claves secuela novedades

After months of closed betas, testing, and a surprise release just last week, hundreds of thousands of players are pouring into Counter-STrike 2 like moths to the flame. And while everyone has their own opinion about whether this is or isn’t a worthy successor to the legendary competitive fps, one thing stands true: there are bugs, and lots of them.

One of these bugs was found by Reddit user lampenpam, who posted it on the game’s subreddit. During a heated firefight in the Overpass map, the molotovs came out (as they do). The player threw their flaming bomb at B site, and when he switched back to their knife, the blade was suddenly on fire. And it stayed like that for the rest of the round, it seems. You can see the video below.

The effect was purely visual, apparently not feeling any sort of damage to the player whatsover. But what it did do was look amazing, as the fire followed the knife no matter where it went, swinging and leaving a trail of light behind it. It’s certainly entertaining, so much so that players are now hoping the glitch goes official so that they can get it as a skin for their knife. So long as it remains a simple aesthetic, there’s probably no reason for Valve not to do it, but we’ll see how it goes.

CS2 was released by surprised

As mentioned above, the release of Counter-Strike 2 came only last week, and it did so in the midst of rumors that turned out to be true. Valve simply flipped the switch and made the game available to everyone, with players of CS:GO simply receiving a regular update that changed the game to its sequel.

As confirmed by the official description of the game on Steam, Counter-Strike 2 is a free update to CS:GO and involves “the largest technical leap in Counter-Strike’s history. " It is developed with the Source 2 engine and has been modernized thanks to “realistic physically-based rendering” while incorporating next-generation networking and Workshop tools available to the entire community.

You can download Counter-Strike 2 for exclusively on Steam.


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