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Who is the Kim Jong Un impersonator who appeared in Adin Ross stream?

Famous Kick streamer Adin Ross had promised a streamed interview with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, causing alarm among some.

Who is the Kim Jong Un impersonator who appeared in Adin Ross stream?

There are ways to get attention on streams and others that border on the ridiculous. On this occasion, Kick streamer Adin Ross managed to get people’s attention on the platform after promising an interview with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. As expected, it was all a joke.

Adin Ross and his alleged interview with Kim Jong Un

Ross had promised his viewers a few days ago that he was preparing an interview with North Korea’s Supreme Leader, a figure who is a mystery to the media, as he rarely speaks to the press and is rarely seen in public.

Over the past few days, the streamer kept building up the hype, showing some of the controversial questions he would ask during the stream, or mentioning that the interview had been “confirmed” thanks to his legal team and North Korean government officials. Finally, the day arrived, and well, it all turned out to be a joke, with Howard X, a Hong Kong music producer, political satirist, media personality and famous impersonator of the North Korean leader, appearing during the stream, which also featured the controversial Andrew Tate.

Although it was a terrible joke, it generated huge numbers of views, reaching 300,000 viewers on Kick.

Who is Adin Ross?

Adin Ross started his career playing NBA 2K games at the age of 18, which led him to join a stream with Bronny James, son of LeBron James. This boosted his popularity and he transformed his content, turning his Twitch channel into a Just Chatting channel.

However, this led to Ross having problems with the streaming platform and receiving multiple suspensions during those years. This was mainly due to homophobic comments, participating in a scam with accused sex trafficker Andrew Tate, swatting pranks, and even live-streaming the Super Bowl. After these events, Twitch permanently banned him, so Ross decided to join Kick in February 2023, where he was signed by the company, which has more lax policies.


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