Barça were decisive; Sevilla were not in Spanish Supercup

Barcelona have the Supercup grasped by one handle. Up against a bold and ambitious Sevilla they proved they were simply more resolute. For one hour it didn't go so well, coping with the pressure put on them by the Sevilla side, but even during that time suffered little in front of their own goal and could have created more problems for Sergio Rico, who impressed in the Sevilla goal. The game changed though in minute 56 with the arrival of the first goal (gorgeous, although it came at a time when the home side were down to ten men) and it was a hammer blow to Sevilla. Suddenly, everything was against them, fatigue without reward, the memory of Trondheim...

A new, but still postive, Sevilla

Jorge Luis Sampaoli trying to get his message across during the game.

This Sevilla team will open up debate in their city. Sampaoli has set-up his team to press high and to take some risks, quite contrary to the style we've become accustomed to in recent years. There is an idea and it is well executed, as we saw yesterday, but it is missing an end result. It was the same against Madrid. The early league results will determine whether the fans will be patient or not. But it will be worth them being so, because it's a good model and one that cannot be judged by the two defeats, one against Madrid in difficult circumstances and another against Barcelona. Many new players were on show yesterday and several regulars missing.

Barça doing what Barça do

Messi still the linchpin but with Munir El Haddadi growing in stature Enrique may have found a plan B.


As for Barca, it's as it was. They return as before with everything working around Messi, who sets attacks in motion as soon as he receives the ball. There was a fright with Iniesta, who was injured just before the break and there is a doubt whether Arda Turan or Munir will start while Neymar is absent. Arda was involved in the first goal, but it was Munir who scored the second, after a sweet pass from Messi, and who tracked back well giving relief to Digne when it was needed. After seeing him in these recent games, I have noticed that he has grown. I would not be so concerned about finding a fourth striker when they have him. And for other solutions they have Arda, not to mention André Gomes, Rafinha...