Casillas: "I didn't quit the national team, Lopetegui chose other keepers..."

"I'll always be available if they call me", said the keeper. "Piqué? You have to respect his decision to quit in two years' time but it's a shame for the national team".


Decision accepted and respected

Iker Casillas answered questions from his followers on social media and clarified his position with the Spanish national side. "I haven't retired from the national team, nor did I announce that I was leaving. Lopetegui chose other team mates and I have to respect that. We sat down and we talked it over, we're friends. He chose De Gea and he has my full support. I've stepped to obne side, but I will always be available if they call me. To be able to play for Spain you have to be doing well with your club, I've always said that".

Shame about Piqué

Regarding Piqué's decision to set a limit on his international career, Iker said: "It's a shame for the national team, but I'm sure it's a decision he has thought long and hard about. If he has decided that his time with Spain will be over in two years' time you have to respect it".

As for how La Roja has been faring since Lopetegui took the reins, he said: "They've been playing well. Those who us who know Lopetegui and have worked under him can see that the team has already got a bit of him about it". And Pepe Reina's return: "I'm happy for him, he's a team mate and a friend. He's given a lot to Spain. He's a great influence inside the dressing room and a different kind of goalkeeper, Lopetegui got it spot on". 

Casillas was also asked his thoughts on his old club Real Madrid and Cristiano: "They demand a lot from him. He's delivered and will continue to. He'll be back scoring soon, no doubt about it".