Cristiano and Torres trade insults: "dickhead", "clown", "idiot..."

The two players had several run-ins during last night's Champions League semi-final, Torres attacked Cristiano for his gesture to the Calderón after Isco's goal
Real Madrid-Villarreal: LaLiga matchday 19

Cristiano and Torres trade insults: "dickhead", "clown", "idiot..."

Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres squared up to hurl insults at each other on a handful of occasions during last night's Champions League semi-final. Tensions between the two players flared just after Isco's goal momments before half-time. Cristiano ran over to hug Isco and signalled to the home fans to be quiet.

681621358Cristiano Ronaldo gestures to the home fans at the Calderón.

Torres launches tirade of insults at Cristiano

That gesture wound up the Atlético striker who took advantage of a break in play to take a potshot at the Real Madrid No.7. Torres squared up to Cristiano and was captured by TV cameras repeatedly calling him "clown" and "dickhead". The Atleti player barged into Cristiano 'accidentally-on purpose'  to which the Madrid ace laughed and was seen mouthing "Go home, idiot", according to Champions Total's lip-reading analyst.

Match official Cüneyt Çakir intervened and Cristiano walked away laughing to himself while Torres brought the incident to a close with one last insult. 

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Fernando Torres applauds Atletico fans after the game.