• first half
  • 15'
  • 30'
  • second half
  • 60'
  • 75'
  • 90'

5' Jonathan

8' Gustavo Gómez (p.p.)

23' Chicharito

29' Erick Gutiérrez

45' Out Diego Lainez in Isaac Brizuela

45' Out Edson Álvarez in Vázquez

63' Miguel Layún

67' Out Roberto Alvarado in Luis Montes

72' Out Néstor Araújo in César Montes

77' Out Chicharito in Ernesto Vega

77' Out Erick Gutiérrez in Víctor Guzmán

88' Luis Montes

90' Luis Montes


48' Junior Alonso

45' Out Gustavo Gómez in Piris

58' Hernán Pérez

55' Out Matías Rojas in Miguel Ángel Almirón

56' Out Carlos González in Óscar Romero

62' Miguel Ángel Almirón

64' Óscar Romero

67' Out Alejandro Romero in Celso Ortiz

83' Derlis González

82' Out Hernán Pérez in Derlis González

82' Out Héctor Villalba in Cecilio Domínguez

Mexico 4-2 Paraguay

Mexico dominate Paraguay in Santa Clara friendly

Follow the preview and play by play of Mexico vs. Paraguay, an international friendly match on the FIFA Date, to be played on March 26 at Levi's Stadium.

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Chicharito celebrating after scoring against Paraguay

Final Score | Mexico 4-1 Paraguay, International Friendly

Mexico has shown significant improvement under Gerardo Martino's orders, the squad looks comfortable and with a clear play idea. Although they still have a long way to go, the sensations of the Argentine coach process are good after this FIFA Date.

On the other hand the team lacks pressure on the second half, they seemed tired, and out of an idea, perhaps all the moves influenced the mood on the field, but Mexico still needs to work on defense and on keeping the intensity throughout the game.

Paraguay showed a poor game and ended up focusing on fouls and contact as they seemed desperate to take control of a game where they looked completely out of place.

Thankyou very much for following the action of Mexico vs. Paraguay through AS.com. Until next time, it was my pleasure.

  Great way to start Tata Martino's process. Mexico wins agains

93' FINAL SCORE. Mexico 4-2 Paraguay

93'   The mood is hot on the field, the players are discussing and the referee end the game

92'   For the last minutes Mexico controls the ball and has the collective move

90' GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL MONTES !!! Mexico scores again to close the game !!

90'   The referee adds three more minutes

88' Yellow card. Montes (Mexico)

86' Foul Layún. Paraguay was close to tie the game but the Mexican defense is on spot

85'   Corner for Mexico. Tata Martino's teams has a great opportunity

84' GOOOOOAL PARAGUAY !! Mexico's defense fell asleep and the Guaranis are alive by the end of the game

82'   Mexico with the initiative again and start pressuring Paraguay on their field

80'   Ten more minutes in the game, Mexico has given the ball to the Guaranis

79'   Paraguay gets the ball as Mexico let's them but they can't pass the Mexican defense

78'   Mexico stop looking for a goal and plays the game all the way to the back with Gudiño

77' A new double substitution. (Mexico) Chicharito for Vega and Gutierrez for Guzman

75'   Paraguay intensity is mistaken by aggresiveness. The Mexican players are not happy

74'   Javier Hernández turns to the bench and asks his substitution...

72' Araujo leaves the game due to injury. In goes Cesar Montes

70'   Araujo's injured, the medical staff goes into the field

70'   The Mexican National team with the collective action with no hurry

68' Substitution. (Paraguay) Romero's out - in goes Ortiz Gamarra

67' Substitution. (Mexico) Montes gets in for Alvarado

66'   Paraguay looks desperate and gets a bit aggressive

65'   Paraguay has a player on the grass injured

63' Yellow cards. Layún and Romero with the cards after the attempt fight after Almiron's foul

62' Red Card. Almiron is out after a bad foul

62'  Layún lost it and starts fighting with the Guaranis, the benches are on the field

60'   Corner Mexico. The attempt was so close but the defense takes it away

58'   GOOOOOOOAL PARAGUAY. Pérez scores for the Guarani squad

58'   Paraguay is trying to force Mexico back as they have stepped up a little

56' Double Substitution. (Paraguay) Almiron goes in for Matias Rojas and Gónzales' off for Oscar Romero

55'   Paraguay with the ball in the collective play but it doesn't go any further

53'   WHAT A MISSED GUTIERREZ !!! The Mexican shots on goal but the post blocked the attempt

52'   Layún moves the ball on the wing but doesn't find the space to center

51'   Gudiño sends the ball outside as he was in trouble by the pressure of the Guaranis

50'   Mexico with the long balls a huge difference from the first half

48'   CLOSE !!! Mexico had the fourth goal but is blocked by the Guarani defense

47'   Mexico with the initiative at the start of the second half

45' Substitution. (Paraguay) Piris goes in for Gómez

45' Double substitution. (Mexico) Brizuela for Lainez and Gallito Vázquez for Edson Álvarez

And we're back for the second half !! Mexico 3-0 Paraguay

The Mexican team takes the field for the second half

The Stats for shots on goal

Mexico dominates the possession of the ball

45' No additional time. The referee marks the end of the first half. Mexico 3-0 Paraguay

44'   Tata Martino lost his glasses after a ball kicked him

42'   The game has slowed a little before the end of the first half, and even so Paraguay can't seemed to find their way with the ball

40'   Layún with the attempt that goes directly to Silva's hands

40'   Foul. Lainez wins a dangerous free kick on the offensive half

39'   Mexico keeps playing the ball and so far have 15 touches

37'   Foul. Paraguay wins a free kick on the defensive half

36'   Paraguay with the attempt but it goes to Gudiño's hands.

35'   Mexico plays the ball while trying to find the space to get onto Paraguay's field

33'   Foul. Mexico wins a free kick in the offensive half

31'   Paraguay tries to pressure the Mexican team but they quickly get back the ball

29'   Game is back on. Mexico 3-0 Paraguay

28'   Gómez is injured and the game is stop for a moment

26'   Mexico is comfortable on the field and has Paraguay all the way back on their side

24' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL CHICHARITOOO !!!!!! Javier Hernández scores the 3rd goal for Mexico

23'   Foul by Layún. Paraguay wins a free kick on the defensive half

21'   Mexico keeps pressuring up front but Paraguay is on spot and the tricolor can't find the spaces

19'   The Mexican Nationa team is pressuring on center field and Paraguay pulls back to their field

18'   Paraguay can't seemed to make more than a couple of passes before Mexico gets back the ball

16'   Corner Paraguay. attempt missed

15'   Paraguay with the counter attack but Mexico's defense block their attept and the South Americans play the ball backwards

14'   Lainez with the attempt but its blocked to the corner

13'   Ole, Ole! Sounds in the Stadium as the people cheers on Mexico

11'   Paraguay tries to take the ball but Mexico has all the momentum now

9'   GOOOOOOOAAAAAAL OG (Gómez) Mexico wins 2-0 very early in the game

8'   Mexico wins a free kick on the defensive half

6' GOOOOOOOOAL JONA !!!! the LA Galaxy midfielder opens the score for the Mexicans!!

5'   Mexico gets the ball and starts having all the initiative

4'   Lainez with the ball wins a free kick after a foul

2'   Paraguay started with a lot of intensity but Mexico is on spot

GAME ON !!!! Paraguay makes the first move

The Mexican National Team warming up
Paraguay warming-up at Levi's Stadium
Here is Paraguay's starting lineup
Here we go! Mexico starting XI is ready and set

Welcome to the preview and play by play of Mexico vs. Paraguay, an international friendly match of the FIFA Date, to be played this Tuesday, March 26, 2019, from Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.



Eduardo Berizzo

4-4-2 (D.P.)