Serie A

Lukaku on racism: "If I hear it then I’ll address it"

The Inter Milan striker has responded to the racist abuse he suffered at Cagliari and suggested walking out of stadiums may be the only solution.

Romelu Lukaku lanza el penalti que transformó para darle la victoria al Inter ante el Cagliari a domicilio (1-2) el pasado fin de semana (foto vía Twitter @Inter).

Romelu Lukaku has spoken out about the racist abuse he suffered at Cagliari during Inter’s 2-1 Serie A victory, a game that was marred by the sound of monkey chants being directed at the Belgium striker as he stepped up to take a penalty in the second half.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lukaku said that if he experienced anything similar again, he wouldn’t hesitate to make an appropriate response. “If I hear it then I’ll address it, but right now everyone’s being nice to me. I just want to be focused on the football pitch and try to help my teammates win.

“I think you have to leave the stadiums, of course, because it’s something we need to address. Also lately in England, you see a lot of issues with players from Chelsea and Manchester United in the last couple of weeks.

Lukaku: "If you want the best players, you have to welcome them with open arms"

“It’s something we need to address because football is international and multicultural, so if you really want to draw the best players in the world, you have to make sure you receive them with open arms because they’re also willing to adapt to the culture.

“I think it’s really important not to discriminate and just appreciate the presence they bring into the country.”

The Belgium international also expressed his gratitude for an initiative started by an Inter supporters’ group called Brothers Universally United. “I think it’s a great initiative from the club. If they want me to help then I’d be willing to help, but right now I’m not focused on what’s happening around me. Also in the warmups, they’re encouraging me, shouting my name, so for me my bow was a ‘thank-you’ gesture for the support I’ve had since I came.