Real Madrid: Gareth Bale's China move hampered by salary cap

Authorities in China have imposed a salary cap of three million euros, after tax, for all foreign players. That would dash Bale's chances of moving to China.


Gareth Bale was close to leaving Madrid last summer to try his luck in the Chinese Super League. But that operation collapsed when neither party was able to reach an agreement. Madrid were hoping to sell Bale next summer but the option of a move to Asia is now looking more remote than ever. Authorities in China have announced measures that they hope will reduce club's expenditure in 2020 - including the introduction of a salary cap for foreign players. From next year, foreign footballers will only be able to earn a maximum of three million euros, after tax, per season while native Chinese players will see their salaries capped at 1.3 million euros. Bearing in mind that Bale takes home around 14 million euros (including bonuses) at Real Madrid, the chance of him joining a Chinese club next summer looks very unlikely.

President of the Chinese Football Association Chen Xuyuan explained to Xinhua: "Our clubs are spending too much money and professional football here in China is not being managed in a sustainable way. If we don't take measure now, I fear the system could collapse".

New rules regarding foreign footballers in China

On top of the salary cap, Chinese clubs will be prohibited from spending over 141 million euros the salary pool cannot exceed 60% of that total. However, clubs will now be able to sign a fifth foreign player (the limit is four foreign players at the moment), on the condition that only four of them can be on the pitch at the same time.

With the Chinese Super League off limits, the Premier League is the only feasible option for Bale if he leaves Madrid in the summer. His old club Tottenham, where José Mourinho is currently weaving his old magic, are big admirers of the Welsh forward...