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Coronavirus updates: data, infections, deaths USA, India and UK on 30 March

Washington (United States), 30/03/2020.- A pedestrian walks past a homemade 'wash your hands' sign glued to a traffic control box along 15th Street in Washington, DC, USA, 30 March 2020. District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser has issued a &#03

Coronavirus live: latest Covid-19 updates - Monday 30 March

The live blog for Monday March 30 is officially closed. For the latest news, statistics and updates on the global Covid-19 pandemic, Tuesday's live coverage can be followed here

A pause

We're going to pause our live coverage of the coronavirus pandemic for a few hours, but we'll be back before you know it to keep you updated with Tuesday's latest developments. Thanks for reading.

AS front page

Barcelona players say “enough!”

Here’s Tuesday’s AS front page, which leads with the news of the Barcelona players’ coronavirus-motivated pay cut, under the headline: “They say ‘enough!’”

The front page continues: “The Barça squad attack the board, and announce that they’re taking a 70% wage drop and will also contribute money so that club employees can earn their full salaries.”

You'll find the full story on that here.


Online coronavirus symptom checkers

If you're worried you might have the coronavirus a good first port of call are the online symptom checkers from the CDC in the USA and the NHS in England. 

Coronavirus: Which countries have banned alcohol during lockdown?


Coronavirus: Which countries have banned alcohol during lockdown?

Which countries have banned alcohol during Covid-19 lockdown?

Despite unfulfilled rumours that an alcohol ban was to be introduced in the UK during lockdown, some nations have declared a temporary prohibition.

Full story:

Latest global coronavirus figures

Here is a selection of the latest coronavirus figures at 01:30 CEST, courtesy of the Johns Hopkins University live tracker:

Spain: 87,956 cases; 7,716 deaths

US: 161,807 cases; 2,978 deaths

UK: 22,453 cases; 1,411 deaths

Italy: 101,739 cases; 11,591 deaths

China: 82,198 cases; 3,308 deaths

India: 1,251 cases; 32 deaths

Nigeria: 131 cases; 32 deaths

World: 782,319 cases; 37,582 deaths


Trump gives daily briefing

US president Donald Trump has told his daily press briefing that America is "going to be in very good shape" when it comes to having ventilators and other equipment needed to treat coronavirus patients. 

Indeed, he said the US would be in a position to send "100 million dollars’ worth" of supplies to Italy, where nearly 12,000 people have been killed by Covid-19 - the highest death toll of any country in the world.

The 73-year-old added that the implementation of a nationwide stay-at-home order in the States was "pretty unlikely", explaining that this was being left up to the governors. 

Trump also spoke of a "historic milestone in our war against the coronavirus", declaring that more than one million Americans have now been tested for Covid-19.

According to the Johns Hopkins University live tracker, there have so far been 160,020 confirmed coronavirus cases in the US - more than any other nation - and a total of 2,953 deaths.

(Photo: Michael Reynolds; EFE)

Chinese death toll

Coronavirus death toll in Wuhan questioned

Residents in the Chinese city have questioned official figures that put the death toll at just over 3,000, estimating it could well be over 40,000."The funeral parlours have been working all day. So, how can it be so few people have died?" questioned a local resident. 

Coronavirus: How Real Madrid are fighting pandemic - Ramos, Modric...


Coronavirus: How Real Madrid are fighting pandemic - Ramos, Modric...

How Real Madrid are fighting coronavirus: Ramos, Modric...

Real Madrid are doing their bit to help the battle against Covid-19, with both club and playing staff making significant donations to the cause.

Full story:


Amazon workers strikes seen in Italy and New York. 

Around a third of workers at an Amazon delivery site in central Italy have gone on strike. The workers have requested for enhanced safety measures, while a company rep has said that they had already cut deliveries and stepped up safety measures.

The news comes as Amazon workers in New York walked out due to lack of protective gear and “will not return until the building gets sanitized”. (Foto by AFP: Amazon workers protest at a Staten Island warehouse). 

Coronavirus: Should we be worried about the hantavirus?


Coronavirus: Should we be worried about the hantavirus?

Is hantavirus set to pose a new threat?

The death of a Chinese worker from hantavirus during the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic in Shandong, China, has generated a fresh wave of concern.

Full story:

Italy extends lockdown period

Italy's health minister has confirmed that the country's lockdown measures will be extended until at least April 12. The announcement comes as the country's death toll rose to 11,591 and exactly three weeks since the lockdown period began. 

April 12 is also the date until which lockdown measures were extended in Spain. Spain has had the second highest death toll after Italy. It is likely lockdown measures in both countries will remain in place after this date, though perhaps with some restrictions eased. 

Israeli PM Netanyahu tests negative

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has tested negative for coronavirus, it has been confirmed

Netanyahu was tested and placed in self-isolation after it emerged that one of his aides, parliamentary affairs adviser Rivka Paluch, has contracted Covid-19.

There have been 4,695 confirmed coronavirus cases in Israel, leading to 16 deaths.

Amazon workers set to walk out in New York

The Guardian reports that Amazon workers in New York are set to walk out over lack of protective gear. Leader of the organized strike, Chris Smalls, also told CNBC that workers “will not return until the building gets sanitized”.

New York has been the epi-centre of the U.S. coronavirus crisis, where Governor Andrew Cuomo recently reported that more than 1,200 people have now died from the disease and added the worst is yet to come.

France registers highest daily death toll and passes 3,000 mark

French health authorities have reported 418 new deaths over the past 24 hours. With a total of 3,024, the country has now registered the fourth highest death count after Italy, Spain and China, while there have been a total of 45,169 confirmed cases to date. 


F1 news: Red Bull boss told drivers to get infected with coronavirus

As reported by BBC earlier today, Red Bull boss Helmut Marko admitted that he advised drivers, Alexander Albon and Max Verstappen, to get infected with coronavirus while the season is suspended.

"They are all strong young men in good health. That way they would be prepared whenever the action starts," he said. The idea, however, was ruled out after the rest of the management team had disagreed with his plan to create a so-called "corona camp", which would have included the drivers and other junior members of the team. 

Italy: Death rate increase but decrease in infection rate

The fatality rate from coronavirus in Italy has climbed by 812 to 11,591, but the number of new cases rose by just 4,050; the lowest nominal increase since 17 March. A total of 101,739 people have now tested positive in Italy.

Football news: Aston Villa fine Jack Grealish as player apologises for breaching lockdown

Aston Villa have fined Jack Grealish for breaching UK lockdown measures during the coronavirus pandemic. Shortly after posting a video pleading with the public to stay at home, the Villa player was photographed outside a friend's apartment in Solihull, Birmingham after crashing his Range Rover into two other vehicles. Grealish took to social media not too long ago to issue an apology for his behaviour, saying he was "deeply embarrased" for "stupidly" ignoring the UK gov's lockdown measures.


UK government press conference

Here's a summary of what the UK's chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance has said:

- Social distancing measures will reduce the number of cases of transmission of coronavirus in the community and decrease the number of cases overall but it is "premature" to say how long the measures will last for.

- 8,000 people have been hospitalized since mid-March

- He warns the public not to pay "too much attention" to day-to-day changes in figures. "We need to look over time and see what's happening."

-  The UK has seen a significant decrease in the use of the London Underground, buses, national rail, and motor vehicles. This shows the lockdown measures are "making a difference".

- On getting British people home from abroad: "Where commercial flights are no longer running the government will provide support for special charter flights to help British nationals back home."


Terim released from hospital

Galatasaray manager Fatith Terim was discharged from hospital today his son confirmed. The veteran coach was initially hospitalised after being tested positive for the Covid-19 virus early last week.


Spanish Easter

Spain's Minister of Interior Fernando Grande-Marlaska confirmed today that this will be a very 'different' Easter period for the nation. The Spanish 'Semana Santa' is one of the biggest events in the national calendar with thousands of processions normally taking place during Holy Week around the country. Currently the State of Emergency is set to expire on Easter Sunday (12 April) but it's anticipated that this date will be extended.


UEFA announce April 1st meeting

Europe's football governing body will hold a meeting (via video conference) on Wednesday with all 55 members to analyse current fixture rescheduling options.

Coronavirus: the complete guide to the Covid-19 pandemic


Coronavirus: the complete guide to the Covid-19 pandemic

We've just published our in-depth guide to the coronavirus, with a full set of FAQs about the Covid-19 pandemic.


Lionel Messi has released a statement on behalf of Barcelona players announce the wage cuts that had been suggested would officially come into place:

It didn’t surprise us that the club needed to analyse things to try to do something to relieve some pressure and it is something we were always clear we would do. In fact, if the agreement came a little late is it because we have been looking for the formula to help the club and also the workers of the club at this difficult time.



July 23, 2021

The Tokyo Olympic Games will start on 23 July (2021) after an agreement this morning between the IOC and the local Tokyo 2020 planning commission.

Benjamin Netanyahu


Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his key advisers have placed themselves in self-isolation after one of the prime minister’s aides tested positive for the coronavirus.

The economy, in general, will struggle for quite some time after this and has shown signs that it is already in a depression. Football will not escape the claws of the coronavirus and has already shown signs of a depression too. Players' values have dropped, which means teams' overall values have dropped too.


 How is the homeworking experiment going? Financial Times has a look at the impact on learning and remote schooling since the coronavirus crisis kicked off.

Wanda Nara travelled to Italy, one of the worst affected places in the world by Covid-19, and her ex, Maxi López is not happy with her. He took to Instagram to have a go at her and her decision-making process after flying into the epicentre of the crisis.

Wimbledon cancelled

The latest sporting event to be called off: Wimbledon organisers will announce the cancellation of the grasscourt Grand Slam this week due to the coronavirus pandemic, Dirk Hordorff told Sky Sports.

Fernando Simón, Spain's co-ordinator of medical emergencies and the most visible public official during the coronavirus has tested positive for the virus. He has been giving almost daily updates on the situation and has been all over the media and on the front line as the battle rages on against this mysterious virus. It is unclear now as to whether he will continue to give press briefings as quarantine might be forced upon him. María José Sierra will replace him for now according to El Mundo.

In El Pais, they say that "Spain is now Wuhan" as the new restrictions come into place today, Monday. The country has been shut down now for a couple of weeks but the president, Pedro Sanchez, closed everything at the weekend other than absolute 'essentials'. There had been little murmurs of life in Spain but that is set to end now with the newer, stricter measures. Sanchez has promised that people "will still continue to get their salary as normal" as people fear for their futures. 

An Australian astrophysicist has been admitted to hospital after getting four magnets stuck up his nose in an attempt to invent a device that stops people touching their faces during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Financial Times also have an article looking at the mystery that is the death rate. It varies wildly from country to country and sits somewhere around 4.7%. The issue is that testing and official numbers coming from different countries varies.

In Spain, eight different regions are overloaded in their ICU units. Madrid, Cataluña, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y León, Basque Country, Navarra, Aragón and La Rioja all have more people than they have ICU beds. They have started to use surgeries as intensive care units to put patients. We have already seen IFEMA, Madrid's convention centre, being used as a make-shift hospital during the coronavirus crisis.

John Burn Murdoch's have become a staple during the coronavirus. His latest shows the trajectory of the disease in different countries, showing the steep rise of US cases. 

US crude oil prices have fallen below $20, which is close to the lowest point in the last 18 years as uncertainty continues amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Hungary are set to put a new law in place punishing those spreading false coronavirus information. Given the uncertainty in even the experts' information, it does seem like a difficult thing to do and critics have warned that this could be a very bad precedent to be set with Viktor Orbán, the country's prime minister, have carte blanche to use that law how he sees fit.

Also, in the UK, the deputy chief medical officer says they could be locked down for six months. “If we are successful, we will have squashed the top of that curve, which is brilliant, but we must not then suddenly revert to our normal way of living,” she said. “That would be quite dangerous. If we stop, then all of our efforts will be wasted and we could potentially see a second peak.”

"So I think three weeks for review. Two or three months to see whether we’ve really squashed it, with about three to six months ideally, and lots of uncertainty in that, but then to see at which point we can actually get back to normal. It is plausible that it could go further than that.”

President Trump talking about the social problems that could stem from all of this and keeping people inside.

You can, of course, check back on what happened yesterday as we passed 30,000 deaths from the virus. Meanwhile, Donald Trump gave a press conference late last night where he said that keeping the deaths below 100,000 would be a "very good job" and was his typical spiky self when pressed on some issues. He suggested there were doctors and medical professionals disappearing with medical equipment and masks in a surreal monologue about the issue. He also warned that the damage could have exceeded 2.2 million deaths, the first time he has said that number as it appears he is trying to manage expectations. He also warned about the potential psychological effects this could have on the US and the numbers of drugs addicts, people with depression and suicide. It all fits neatly into the idea that he wants to get the country up and running again. He did, however, extend social distancing guidelines until the end of April 30.

Hello and welcome to another day of lockdown, quarantine and uncertainty. We will be bringing you all the news from around the world on Monday 30 March 2020. As of writing this, there were 723,540 cases worldwide with over 30,000 deaths and over 150,000 recoveries. You can check out our numbers, which update throughout the day on cases, deaths and people recovered along with various key figured and pieces of information.

India's total cases, deaths and news.

US total cases, deaths and news.

UK total cases, deaths and news.


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