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Dallas Cowboys DAL
Kansas City Chiefs KC
DAL 3 0 3 3 9
KC 9 7 3 0 19

Cowboys vs Chiefs summary: score, stats, highlights | NFL Week 11

Forced fumbles, interceptions, and sacks by the Kansas City Chiefs and penalties and lack of coverage for Dak have the Cheifs leading the Boys 16-3 at half.

Chiefs 19 Vs Cowboys 9: how it happened

Five sacks for Presccott today...ouch

Game Summary: Lights out Chiefs defense holds Cowboys in 19-9 win for Kansas City

The Cowboys are confusing. They barely lost to last year's Super Bowl winners. Then they won 6 games in a row, including one win against the Vikings (who just beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers) without Prescott. Then they nearly got shut out by the Denver Broncos in an embarrassing home loss. Then they nearly shut out the Falcons with a 40-point win. And now this loss to the Chiefs in which they couldn't even make it into the end zone. What's happening with you boys?

The Chiefs were certainly happy to have Clyde Edwards-Helaire back from IR. He ran for 63 yards and a touchdown. Patrick Mahomes had a good day with 23 of 37 for 260 yards (albeit also with one interception and one fumble), but it was the KC defense who really shone in this Cowboys brutality. Chris Jones had 3 and a half sacks and forced and recovered a fumble and Charvarius Ward intercepted a Prescott pass in the end zone.

The injuries on the Cowboys side definitely help to explain some of their issues today. Amari Cooper, Tyron Smith, Randy Gregory all out to start plus CeeDee Lamb leaving before halftime all added to the Cowboys suffering. Without that help, Dak Prescott had one of his worst games yet, with 216 passing yards and two interceptions. Micah Parsons, who had three sacks and forced a fumble, tried hard to help out the Cowboys, but it just wasn't enough, and the Cowboys couldn't get into the end zone.

First half

In the first half, Mahomes led the Chiefs on an 86-yard run and a Travis Kelce TD and then a 65-yaed run and an Edwards-Helaire TD. The Cowboys, meanwhile, got one Zuerlein FG to make it 16-3 at the half.

Second half

The second half was sloppy. Both teams struggled to get the ball into the end zone and only managed field goals. One for the Chiefs and two more for the Cowboys to give the Chiefs a 19-9 win over the Cowboys.

The Chiefs improve to 7-4 and are 4-0 against the NFC East and the Cowboys fall to 7-3.

The Cowboys couldn't get into the end zone the entire game as the Chiefs defense held them to three field goals. A rough loss for the Cowboys but a much-needed win for the Chiefs.

Chiefs will kneel it out to end the game


Prescott pass is INTERCEPTED by Sneed to seal Dallas' fate

Two big pass completions to Turner and Gallup brings Cowboys to the KC 20


Two-minute warning

Prescott under pressure but he gets away and passes to Elliott for a gain of 19 yards and first down at the Dallas 46

Prescott pass complete to Schultz and he gets out of bounds at the Dallas 27 - 3rd and 5

Deep pass to Wilson is dropped - incomplete

One incomplete pass to Schultz with an uncalled pass interference and then a complete pass for a 19-yard gain to Schultz gets the Boys the first down


Butker punts 31 yards to the Cowboys 3 and it's downed by the Chiefs Allegretti - Dallas will get the ball at their 2 with no timeouts and 2:35 in the game


Chiefs take their first timeout


Chiefs are held to the 4th down at the Cowboys 42 and Dallas takes their final timeout


Dallas takes second timeout

Mahomes is SACKED by Parsons for a loss of 7


Dallas takes first timeout of the half

KC makes it up the field to the Dallas 32

Cowboys can't stop the Chiefs here either - they get to 3rd and 2 but a pass to wide open Kelce and a gain of 8 gets them the first down

Edwards-Helaire gets 14 yards and a first down on the first play


Anger punts it away

Prescott SACKED again by Jones again

Prescott pass to Elliott is complete for a 3-yard gain but he's tackled by Fenton who crawls over to the bench, seemingly injured

The Cowboys will take over at their own 41

51-yard Field Goal attempt by Bucker is NO GOOD

A few short passes to Hill and a few incomplete passes to Hill bring the Chiefs to 4th and 3

Mahomes pass complete to Kelce and there's a penalty on Dallas - Unnecessary Roughness, 15 yards, enforced at KC 31

The Cowboys are barely surviving on field goals this game. Defense is trying hard to keep them in the game, but the Chiefs' defense is just plain outplaying them. A 3rd and out and Prescott sack forced them to another field goal attempt instead of the touchdown they desperately needed here. 12:56 left in the 4th quarter.

Zuerlein 48-yard Field Goal attempt is GOOD

At 3rd and 13, Prescott is SACKED by Jones

Penalty on Dallas - False Start - 5 yards


End of the third quarter

Pollard sets up the screen and gets a big 13-yard run to the KC 21 and another Cowboys first down

Another big 17-yard pass to Wilson to the KC 35

Pollard gets the first down after two plays and they get another first down with a Prescott 12-yard pass to Gallup

KC is held to 4th down but they're able to get far enough down the field to get a field goal at 53 yards away. The Cowboys need a TD on this next drive with 3:25 left in the 3rd quarter.

Butker 53-yard attempt is GOOD

Dallas holds KC to 3 and out and a SACK by Armstrong on Mahomes for a loss of 6 brings the Chiefs to 4th and 13 at the Dallas 35

Another big gain of 12 yards for Hardman and another Chiefs first down

Two first downs in a row for the Chiefs on one drive with Kelce and Hill both picking up big yards


The Cowboys go 3 and out yet again - punt team coming onto the field

Dallas defense puts on the pressure and holds the Chiefs to 4th down and 13 at the KC 32 and Townsend punts it away

Parsons SACKED Mahomes at the KC 32 for a loss of 7

Pringle breaks through tackle after tackle and takes it to the 36 (39-yard return)

I am actually surprised it's only a 10-point game considering the way this game is going, but here we are. The Cowboys resort to another field goal to get points on the board in the second half after Kearse intercepted a pass by Mahomes to give the Cowboys another chance to stay in the game.

Zuerlein 30-yard Field Goal attempt is GOOD

Prescott pass incomplete to Gallup into the end zone but there is definitely a missing Pass Interference call here

And the Cowboys are back to 3rd down after a short gain by Elliott and two incomplete passes at the KC 12

Wilson digs deep to catch a sloppy pass by Prescott for a gain 16 yards and the first down

A big loss for the Cowboys who are already missing Amari Cooper - CeeDee Lamb will miss the rest of the game with a head injury

Mahomes pass is PICKED by Kearse and he runs it all the way up to the Chiefs 36 and a gain of 34 yards.

The Chiefs are able to make those big plays - a 13-yard pass to Kelce brings them to a comfy 3rd and 6

Edwards-Helaireruns it up the middle to the Cowboys 35 for 6 yards but there's a penalty on the Chiefs - Offensive Holding, 10 yards - 2nd and 20

Another deep pass is CAUGHT by Kelce for a 24-yard gain and first down for the Chiefs

Mahomes runs the ball and stretches his arm out to get the first down just barely as he's tackled by Lewis

Next pass is caught by Gray for a gain of 8 - 3rd and 2

To start off the second half, Mahomes is under pressure with an incomplete pass that he threw away

Game leaders going into the second half:



Passing yards


Rushing yards


Receiving yards








Here's a look at that Touchback by the Chiefs

Halftime report

The Cowboys are looking a lot more like the team we saw against the Broncos. They're playing sloppy and the missing key players are making a difference. They weren't able to get a touchdown the entire first half, and managed only one field goal in the first quarter.

Meanwhile, Mahomes and the Chiefs are dominating on offense. The defense is making moves too with forced fumbles, sacks, and interceptions. Two touchdowns and a field goal put the Chiefs up 16-3 at the half.


And that bring us to halftime with the Chiefs up by 13

Prescott pass to Lamb is INTERCEPTED by Ward in the end zone - TOUCHBACK

Prescott pass caught by Lamb for the first down

Prescott pass complete to Schultz but it's just short of the 1st down

The Cowboys take over at the 42 and Elliott takes off with it for a gain of 4

Mahomes SACKED by Parsons and he FUMBLES and it is RECOVERED by COWBOYS Basham at the KC 42

It was a bad call by the refs, who didn't originally call the Facemask, obviously, but using the replay to call a penalty they didn't originally catch...I guess we're doing that now.

There's a scuffle between Fenton and Goodwin - 2 penalties for both

Unsportsmanlike Conduct on Felton (Chiefs) and Facemask on Goodwin (Cowboys) - penalties are offset

Prescott pushed out of bounds after trying to run it, brings the Boys to 4th down again


Two-minute warning in the first half

Prescott is SACKED by Jones to bring them to 3rd and long


Cowboys take first timeout

Mahomes pass to Williams complete for 11 yards but it's not enough - Chiefs are brought to 4th down after the double penalty

Mahomes pass complete to Gordon for 7 yards and they're at 3rd and 23

Chiefs Smith gets two penalties in a row - Holding and Unsportsmanlike Conduct brings them to 2nd and 29


Anger punts it away

Cowboys go three and out yet again - they're brought to 4th and 5

Mahomes attempts a pass to Hill but it's incomplete with great coverage by Wilson and they're brought to 4th and 4

Cowboys defense is able to hold the Chiefs to 3rd and 4, and they're doing a defensive rotation to try and stop them

Mahomes gets another big pass completion to Hill for a 23-yard gain for the first down


Prescott's pass to Gallup is nearly picked by Sneed, and it's incomplete - 4th and 5 and the Cowboys punt it away

Pollard breaks through for a gain of 5 yards, Prescott throws an incomplete pass to Brown that would have given them a huge gain but he dropped it and they're brought to 3rd and 5

Another flag, but this time it's on the Chiefs for Illegal Use of Hands - Cowboys luck out with an automatic first down here

Pass to Schultz COMPLETE but the Cowboys mess up the opportunity with a penalty yet again with an Offensive Holding. Instead of a 17-yard gain, they're brought to 3rd and 19

Pass to Schultz COMPLETE but the Cowboys mess up the opportunity with a penalty yet again with an Offensive Holding. Instead of a 17-yard gain, they're brought to 3rd and 19

Sneed blocks Prescott's pass to Gallup and it's 2nd and 10 at the Dallas 45

Schultz somehow gets the completion after pressure on Prescott and brings the Cowboys to 1st down at the Dallas 45

Another Dallas penalty - anyone surprised?
Offensive Too Many Men on Field - 5 yards - bringing them to 1st and 15

Gallup breaks through two tackles and gets the first down for the Cowboys at the Dallas 34 for 8 yards

The Cowboys just can't seem to get any yards. They're held to 3rd and 7 - let's see if they'll convert here

Butker kicks 60 yards and Pollard takes it t the Dallas 23 for 18 yards after he's tripped up by Hughes

Cowboys have their work cut out for them. The Chiefs got another few huge plays to get right down the field and into the end zone quick in the second quarter (14:08 remaining)

Butker PAT is GOOD


Edwards-Helaire takes the ball right into the end zone, without a problem but there is a flag on the play - Unsportsmanlike Conduct but the Touchdown is GOOD

Mahomes first pass is incomplpete to Hill but then a pass to Hardman brings the Chiefs JUST short of the end zone to put them at first and goal


Mahomes pass deep left to Pringle to is CAUGHT for 37 yards at the Dallas 14 which brings us to the end of the first quarter

The Chiefs get a first down when Hill is wide open after a 3rd and 5 hold - Chiefs at the KC 49

The Chiefs take off on a 39-yard by Pringle

Cowboys making lots of mistakes and the absence of Amari Cooper is definitely making a difference on the big plays. They're able to get a 33-yard field goal to put them on the board with 2:54 left in the first quarter.

Zuerlein gets the Field Goal for the Cowboys on a 33-yard attempt

Prescott passes deep to Galllup into the end zone but it's incomplete and the Cowboys will attempt the FG

The Cowboys - famous for penalties

They get the False Start to take them from 3rd and 5 to 3rd and 10

Pollard takes off with the ball and runs it for a huge 31-yard gain for another Cowboys first down at the KC 15

Elliott gets some yardage and the Cowboys look to be struggling but then Gallup is able to catch a great pass from Prescott to give the Cowboys a first down at the KC 46

With 7:55 left in the quarter, the Cowboys are down 9-0 after fumbling the ball and giving it back to the Chiefs. They hold them to 4th down, but the Chiefs field goal attempt is good, and they're up by 9. Cowboys looking rough, Chiefs looking like they mean business.

Butker 37-yard field goal is GOOD

Cowboys defense did a good job keeping the Chiefs out of the end zone and two incomplete passes bring them to 4th and 7

Not looking good for the Cowboys

Chiefs Clark forces a FUMBLE and it is recovered by the Chiefs Jones and they've got the ball at the Dallas 22

Prescott pass complete to Gallup but he is hit hard by Sneed and the Boys lose another 3 yards

The Cowboys take to the running game first with a handoff to Elliott who loses a yard to get to 2nd and 11

Looks like the Chiefs came to play today. They put up the first points of the game with a touchdown run from Travis Kelce with 10:01 left in the first quarter.



Travis Kelce fakes the handoffs and just runs nonchalantly right into the endzone

Penalty on the Cowboys at 3rd and 2 - Encroachment - they just gave the Chiefs a 1st down after the first mistake the Chiefs made this game, and now the Chiefs are at 1st and goal


Mahomes pass complete to Hill and he is going going GONE for a huge 34-yard run! At the KC 39

It's all about Edwards-Helaire for the Chiefs' first drives of the game. After three runs and a first down, Mahomes throws for a complete pass to Hill for another first down

Cowboys brought to 4th down on first play of the game

Prescott overthrows way too far for an incomplete to Gallup before a fake run and complete pass to Lamb just short of the first down. At 7 and 2 on third down, Prescott throws a bullet to Brown, but he drops it and they're brought to 4th down.

Kickoff has begun! Pollard takes off and gets the ball to the 25 where Dallas will take the ball

We are just 5 minutes from kickoff in Kansas City - Cheifs fans are ready!

Cowboys will be without Cooper and Gregory

The Cowboys will be playing tonight without two of their best weapons - Randy Gregory and Amari Cooper.

Randy Gregory was placed on IR earlier this month and his absence is definitely felt. Even after missing two games, Gregory STILL leafs the team in quarterback pressures. It's Micah Parsons who has been picking up most of the slack and surely the Chiefs will be watching for this.

The news got worse when the Cowboys discovered they would have to put Cooper on the Covid/Reseve list. Michael Gallup and CeeDee Lamb will have to step it up big time for the Boys today.

Who is the better QB?

Patrick Mahomes and Dak Prescott are undoubtedly two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now. If we just look at their accomplishments, so far, Mahomes has Prescott beat. He's won NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and a Super Bowl ring. But this year, Prescott is making a case for being the better of the two.

So far, Prescott has completed a larger percentage of passes than Mahomes, but Mahomes has accumulated more yards. Prescott is averaging more yards per completion. Mahomes has had 25 touchdowns to Dak's 20. But Dak has only thrown 5 interceptions to Mahomes' 10.

Because of Dak Prescott, though, the Cowboys are leading the league in yards and points per game.

So far this season, it's Prescott who's ahead statistically. Tonight we will find out how they fare against each other.

Hello and welcome to our live feed of the Kansas City Chiefs vs Dallas Cowboys game! It should be a thrilling matchup as we find out who will win the battle of the quarterbacks. The 7-2 Cowboys play in Kansas City against the 6-4 Chiefs. It's a nice, sunny, Fall day in Kansas City at 56 degrees - perfect Sunday football weather.

Kickoff begins at 3:25 p.m. at Arrowhead Stadium. Stay tuned for updates and commentary on today's exciting game right here on AS USA.


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