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Black Boxes

Black boxes in Horizon Forbidden West: where to find them

We help you to find all the Black Boxes available in Horizon Forbidden West, as well as tell you the method to get to them and their usefulness.

Black boxes in Horizon Forbidden West: where to find them

In Horizon Forbidden West we find several collectibles available, some more useful than others. In this article in our guide, we help you to find all the black boxes (12 in total) to obtain the weapon "The Wings of the Ten" and the very useful legendary materials to improve our equipment and weapons.

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All Black Boxes and where to find them

  • No Man's Land: near a nearby shelter and in the middle of some reddish dunes with mountains, climb up to see a collapsed building and inside, after forcing the door, you will find the first black box.
  • The Whitewatch Peaks: in this case you will find a mountain to climb and at the top, there is a wooden platform on which you can advance to go behind a waterfall and continue climbing. There, when you reach the top ( you can also fly with the wingsol in a simple way), you will see some ancient remains to open with the help of the hook to reveal the black box hidden under the rubble.
  • Jagged Deep: here you have to dive, so you need the Diving Mask. We simply swim to force a door and at the bottom of the place is the box emitting signals.
  • The Promontory: this one is easy, as we simply advance to the remains of a collapsed plane. To open the door we collect the energy cell that is in the area (on the right hand side) and introduce it into the console. Once inside, we hit the metal flower to remove the vines and find the box.
  • Bleeding Mark: in the snowy mountains that you can easily reach with the help of the Sunwing, you will find a collapsed plane. You enter its cockpit by forcing the door and pick up the crate. Easy as pie.
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  • The Stillstands: in the desert we find this box next to a contract. We simply hit the metal flower to remove the vines, force a door, move a box and there is our objective.
  • The Raintrance: we travel to the forest to find a metal flower to open some vines. On the other side there is an energy cell, which we collect and take to the room behind us. Thus we will manage to give light to the door and open it to find the collectible there.
  • The Stand of the Sentinels: here the plane crash is very clear. What we have to do is to go inside and move the box that blocks the passage to reach the black box in such a simple way.
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  • Memorial Grove: in the middle of the forest you will find the nose of a fallen and collapsed airplane on a rock ledge. You can get inside from the tail (left side) with the help of the hook. Once inside, advance to force the door and there find the box.
  • Salt Bite: you can find it in the Tenakth settlement of the same name, located to the north. There you must go to the armorer's store and use the hook on the wall to release a panel, cross to the other side and there find this black box.
  • Bonewhite Tear: on the side of the icy mountain, climb up to find a shelter. There is an energy cell there, which you can take to the door of the cabin of the downed plane nearby (on the left) and open it to collect the box.
  • Isle of Spires: finally, go to the western part of the map. This is also easy, in fact, the easiest of all. Once you reach the place simply pick up the black box at the doors of the downed plane.
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