Granero: "Cristiano is AC/DC and Messi is good reggaeton"

Esteban Granero spoke to ASTV at his annual 'Cena Pirata' and the music fan made the Messi-Cristiano comparison.

Granero: "Cristiano is AC/DC and Messi is good reggaeton"

AsTV caught up with Real Sociedad's Esteban Granero recently as he hosted his annual charity "Cena Pirata" dinner at the Bernabeu which raises money for children with cancer. 

“I'm so happy being able to stage the annual dinner here at the Bernabeu and it's a pleasure to be involved in helping kids with cancer”

Esteban Granero

What music have you been listening to recently?  Leiva, Quique González, Sidecars… At the moment i'm really into M. O. D. A. (Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol).

If you had to compare Cristiano and Messi to music groups ...? (Sighs) Cristiano would be AC/DC, certainly heavy metal and Messi… (after some deep thought), I'd say is reggaeton.

Reggaeton? Yes, but the good reggaeton ! (laughs)

What do you listen to pre-match in the Real Sociedad dressing room? Some of the artists mentioned above and I've managed to wield my influence so we listen to what I select.