Madrid vs Leicester: a win-win in our suspicious world of football

All consuming modern football

Football, forgive me, is like a pig: by which I mean we take everything from it. Spaniards, at least, will already know the phrase, which is the greatest compliment of our genetically narrow family: "I like the pig, from head to toe". This is the same in football, where even the draws, originally such a boring but fundamental element, are now a television spectacle and great material for radio (not to mention headline news for sports papers, assuming nothing else) on account of the suspicion that football provokes. Are the draws pure? I would bet that they are, due to the system where so many interests are at stake, although not everyone agrees with me.

Netherlands' former striker Ruud Gullit shows the name of Barcelona during the draw for the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League football in December 12, 2016.

Complaining gives meaning to those undeserved

Since Leicester eliminated Sevilla the memes have begun suggesting Florentino is rigging the draw so that they get Madrid. The portrait of Florentino as an international powerhouse, is a favour paid to him by his infantile enemies who, by presenting him as all-powerful, create an image that he thrives on, and then uses to frighten the weak-spirited, of which there are many. If he does indeed influence the Uefa pots, then how does he not have control of my media, and my bosses? And so, from this confusion fed by those who live happier in frivolous complaints than in serious discussion, meaning will be given to people like our hero.

Do Florentino Pérez's enemies feed his power?

Madrid vs Leicester: a win-win

That being said, we will see if luck presents itself and Madrid are drawn with Leicester. Madridistas would be happy, because they seem the most favourable rival, now that we know Zidane's alleged statement about not wanting to draw the Foxes was completely made-up news. As for the anti-Madridistas, if the draw presented them with that gift, it would make them feel fleetingly complete with the confirmation of their suspicion. So everyone would be happy if that were to play out. When all's said and done, though, at the end of it all you will only have one team left afloat, the champion, who will have prevailed over the rest. But until that day comes, it is good that we make each of the draws a big event. Football makes the most of everything.

In the end, there can be only one.

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