The reactions to Messi's goal against Valencia

Sevilla - Barcelona: Copa del Rey quarter-final

El árbitro asistente, Ramos Ferreiros, le dice a Leo Messi (Barcelona) que era difícil ver el gol.
El Día Después

Leo Messi's goal against Valencia which wasn't given despite bouncing well behind the line continues to be the focus of attention in Spain, with football show El Día Después (The day after) releasing footage of the incident, with their audio team, helped by lip readers, giving the low down on exactly what was said in the aftermath of the incident.

No Valencia footballer was arguing that it hadn't been a goal, but referee Iglesias Villanueva, and his assistant referee, Enrique José Ramos Ferreiros, didn't give the goal. Here are the reactions:

1 Messi and assistant referee

Messi demands explanations from Ramos Ferreiros for not giving the goal

Messi ran to the referee's assistant enraged by the failure to give the goal:

Messi: But you're there. You're there (pointing to where the assitant was standing). Can't you see it?

Ramos Ferreiros: No, no Leo.

Messi: can we talk? Can we talk?

Ramos Ferreiros: Leo, that's enough. That's enough.

2 Iglesias Villanueva and Andrés Iniesta

Luis Suárez insults Ramos Ferreiros.

After seeing Busquets complaining vociferously, Suárez's reaction when he asked Parejo if it had been a goal and Guedes consoling Jorde Alba, while pointing at the referee, the Barcelona captain went to speak to the referee, followed by several indignant Barça players.

Iniesta: Did you see it?

Luis Suárez: I did.

Iglesias Villanueva: You, over there please (signalling to the Uruguayan to step away)

Luis Suárez: I did, I'm telling you I saw it (meanwhile Iniesta moves him away)

Luis Suárez: You shat yourself. You fucking midget. [In Spanish: "Eres un cagón. Enano de mierda". Neither insult has a standard translation. 'Cagón' is sometimes merely interpreted as 'bottler' but with its clear reference to excrement is usually felt to be somewhat more insulting, while 'enano de mierda' could also be rendered as 'you fucking short-arse', 'short-arsed twat' or similar.]

3 Messi and the officials

Messi complains to Iglesias Villanueva and Ramos Ferreiros.

At the break, en route to the dressing rooms, Messi sought out the referee and his assistant to complain again about the goal.

Iglesias Villanueva: These incidents are always very tough.

From the Barça bench: It went in, or what?

Messi: It was a goal.

4 Gayà and Busquets

José Luis Gayà (Valencia) asks Sergio Busquets (Barcelona) if the ball was well in

In the tunnel before coming out for the second half, the Valencia winger asked the Barcelona player what he thought about the goal.

Gayá: Was it well in or what?

Busquets: It was well over

5 Messi and the officials

Leo Messi (Barcelona) shows how far he thinks the ball was in

At the end of the match the Argentinian once again demanded explanations from Iglesias and Ramos Ferreiros.

Iglesias Villanueva: It's difficult

Ramos Ferreiros: Leo, it's difficult

Iglesias Villanueva: I don't know. We saw it, but I don't know. (Messi continues protesting). No, no. Don't go there, Leo. Don't go there.

Messi: If this is the line, it was there (indicating the ball was well over the line".