Winter Olympics 2018

USA curling team backed by least likely fan: Mr. T.

The Rocky III and A Team actor has professed a love of the sport of curling and called the US team personally. He would have been there, but he ain't gettin' on no plane.

Winter Olympics 2018: Mr. T loves curling, calls USA team

Actor and wrestler Mr. T is a huge advocate of curling, even calling to speak to the United States' men team on Saturday.

He has been tweeting about following the curlers since the opening ceremony and, as USA's gold medal match against Sweden neared, he was becoming more vocal about his favourite team of the Winter Olympics.

He wrote: "I like curling, it's less wear and tear on the body. I wrestled, boxed and studied martial arts. I have nothing else to prove. Therefore I choose curling. #curlingiscoolfool"

In fact, he even called the men's team and gave them a pep-talk ahead of the gold medal match. 

Mr. T has also been a big part of getting the rest of America hyped for the gold medal matches.