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Wimbledon Semifinals

Federer masterclass sees off Nadal at Wimbledon

The Swiss maestro produced a vintage performance to reach his 12th final at the All England Club, where he will face Novak Djokovic in Sunday's showpiece.

Federer into final after four set win over Nadal

Nadal-Federer: as it happened

What a finale! 

Set 4  And Rog wins! Rafa goes long with a backhand and the Swiss is into his 12th Wimbledon final! 

Set 4  Match point four as Rog cracks a forehand into open court.... 

Set 4  And Rafa saves again with a cracking cross-court backhand! Deuce again! 

Set 4  Ace from Rog.... match point again! Rafa challenges but it was clearly in. 

Set 4  rafa saves match point! What a rally! What a game! This is turning into a classic! Not a 2008 job and this is high-quality drama! 

Set 4  Match point again as Rafa finds the net after a very, very tense rally! And he cannot believe it! 

Set 4  Nerves from Rog as he sends a smash long and Rafa has break point! 

Set 4  30s as Rog pops a forehand long. He challenges, as you would at this stage, but it wasn't close. 

Set 4  Glorious forehand from Rog and Rafa can't get that puppy back into court... 30-15

Set 4  Federer into the net for 15s... 

Set 4  Rafa summons hawkeye to challenge an ace but it's in! 

Set 4  Here we go.... an icy stare from the Swiss. 

Rafa has only won 29 percent of his receiving points.... 

Set 4  Huge fist pump from Rafa as he finds a deft volley at the net. Another huge serve and Rafa holds.... it's over to Rog to serve this out for a place in the Wimbledon final! 

Set 4  Another huge serve when it matters most and Rafa remains in the fight! 

Set 4  Match point again as Nadal's backhand deserts him... 

Set 4 Back to deuce as Rog pulls a glorious backhand off. 

Set 4  Another boomer and Rafa has advantage... 

Set 4  Huge serve from Rafa and we're back to deuce... 

Set 4  Match point Rog as he winds a forehand into the corner... 

Set 4  Drama as hawkeye intervenes to save Nadal! Both players share a chuckle at that one. Fed hammers a forehand into the corner though and we're back to deuce... 

Set 4  Deuce as Rog finds the line with a trademark forehand! 

Set 4  Rafa into the net! The Spaniard cannot believe where that ended up, he had the court at his mercy! 

Set 4  40-15 as Rog clips a low forehand into the net... 

Set 4  30-15 as Rog gets a little frame on a return... 

Set 4  Rafa punches a forehand into the trams and it's 15-all. 

Set 4 Another ace from the Swiss and it's 5-3! Rafa will serve to stay in the contest! 

Set 4 There is little Rafa can do right now.... he has the chance to go down the line but finds Rog's racket at the net and the Swidd gratefull accepts the gift, popping a volley into the gaping court. 40-15. 

Set 4 What a shot! Rog pulls out a cross-court backhand on the run that is, quite simply, a work of art! Rafa pulls a couple out of his own bag of tricks though and holds to 30. 

Set 4  Rafa sends a first serve well wide but backs it up with a kicker that bamboozles Rog. An ace from the Spaniard and he's 30-15 up. 

Set 4 Excellent work from the Swiss, pulling Rafa in and then slamming a forehand down the line, and it's 40-15. Rafa pulls back to 40-30 but Rog sends a zinger down the T that Rafa can't bring under his thrall and Rog opens up a 4-2 lead! 

Set 4  A long rally ends with Rog finding the net and Rafa has a sniff at 15-30... 

Set 4 Nadal remonstrates with himself as he sends another shot long. But he then finds the line with a backhand to level at 15s. 

42 winners in total from the Swiss, just 23 from Rafa... 

Set 4 And holds! 3-2 in the fourth, Rog on serve...

Set 4  Rafa moves to 40s with ease...

Set 4  A scowling Rafa prepares to serve to pull back to 2-3. 

Set 4  Rafa's radar is very much off at the moment as he goes long again and Roger holds for a 3-1 lead! 

Set 4 Slightly long from Rafa and the Swiss moves to 30s witha freebie. 

Set 4 Rafa punches a backhand into the trams and it's 15s for Rog. 

Set 4 Huge, huge game this... if Rog consolidates Rafa will be very much up against it. What has the Spaniard got left in his locker? 

Set 4 Rafa summons hawkeye on his first serve but the tech defies him. And Rog breaks! 2-1 in the fourth! 

Set 4 Rafa saves the first with a clubbed cross-court backhand... 

Set 4 Break points Rog as he hammers a forehand into the corner! 15-40! 

Set 4 Rog moves to 0-30 on the Rafa serve but the net does the Spaniard a favour and he holds his hands up in apology. 

Set 4 Rog clips the net cord with a backhand to let Rafa back in, and another wonderfu exchange ends with Rafa's attempted lob dropping just long. A booming forehand into the corner gets the Spaniard back to 40-30 but Rog holds with another fine serve. 1-1 in the fourth. 

Set 4 And he gets it! The first heartfelt "vamos" of the match as he pumps the air in relief! 

Set 4 Rafa pops a serve out wide that Rog can only whack into the hoardings and moves to 40-30. He really needs a hold here. The momentum is all Rog's at the moment. 

Nadal goes long with a backhand to give Rodger 15-30.

Next serve long, and then he gets the second serve in. A tentative rally develops but then Rodger gets one off the frame it looks like and it's 15-15. 

Nadal starts with a double fault to calm the nerves... 

Nadal serves at the start of the fourth...

It's been rather an odd match so far. The first set completely even, though neither player at his very best, followed by Federer falling to pieces in the second and then coming back to easily take the third. Basically we're waiting for both to hit top level at the same time and produce true magic. 

Set 3 Rafa into the net and Rog carves out a 2-1 lead! 

Set 3 Set points for Rog....! 

Set 3 An ace gets Rafa back to 30s... and another big serve hands him game point. 

Set 3 Rog eases to 30s on the Rafa serve! What a topsy-turvy game! 

Set 3 But not for long! Rog whacks a forehand cross court and leads 5-2 in the third! Rafa will have to serve to stay in the set. 

Set 3 A wonderful rally ends with Rafa finding the net and Rog then brings a fine forehand out of his bag of tricks to move to 30s. 40s with another big serve but Rafa pulls one back to keep his opponent waiting for the game. 

Set 3  And Rafa holds! 4-2 in the third.... 

Set 3  And back to deuce as Rafa hammers a forehand that Rog just about gets a racket on but can't control. 

Set 3 Rafa saves the first... 

Set 3 Break points for Rog as Rafa punches one long! 

Set 3  Rog goes 30-0 up with another attack at the net! 

Set 3  Nadal on the ropes in the third... huge game this for the Spaniard. 

Set 3 And into the net from Rafa and Rog leads 4-1! 

Set 3 Rafa hits one into the trams and Rog has game point... 

Set 3 Break point again as Rafa hammers a return at Rog's feet! But Rog, like his own personal Jesus, saves again with a cracking forehand down the line that Rafa can only thump into the net. 

Set 3 And saves the second as Rafa blinks first on a long and cagey rally! Deuce... 

Set 3 Rog saves the first.... 

Set 3 Rog under pressure and he double faults to hand Nadal break point! 

Set 3 Break point as Rog whips a forehand beyonf Rafa's reach....And Rog breaks with a wicked volley at the net! 3-1! 

Set 3 Rog moves to 30s with a fantastic backhand! What a shot! 

Set 3  And Rog responds with an even swifter hold to love... 

Set 3 1-1 as Rafa clips through a no-nonsense service game. 

Set 3 Double fault from Rafa... a rare free point for Rog. Then an ace to make amends. 

Set 3 And that's exactly what he does, to love, a couple of aces banged down in retaliation for that last set, when nothing went the Swiss' way. 

Set 3 Rog gets the third set underway... He could do with a solid hold here. 

Set 2 Again, the famous Fed backhand goes askew and Rafa takes the set! All square at the All England Club! 

Set 2 Rog tries the SABR approach but clips a half volley into the net... 40-0 and set points for Rafa! 

Set 2 And that's the double break! Rafa 5-1 up in the second, serving for the set. 

Set 2 Break point again! Rog on the ropes.... 

Set 2 30s as Federer pings another backhand beyond the baseline... a sniff of a chance for Rafa... 

Set 2 The Swiss is misfiring all of a sudden and Rafa has game point to go 4-1 up.... and does so! Solid hold from the Muscles from Mallorca! 

Fed puts his first set into the net. Then a let. Easy second serve lets Rafa get into a rally and a decent deep forehand from Rafa forces a misfire into the net from the Swiss legend and that's the break! Rafa leads 3-1 in the second set. 

And Federer goes wide! 3 break points for the Spaniard!

Nadal returns from well wide, and Federer puts his backhand out. He challenges but hawk-eye confirms the call. A longish rally ends with Federer firing into the net and Rafa has 0-30!

Federer up to serve...

On serve at the start of the second set, but not as solidly as the two were in the first set. Both saving break points but eventually coming through unscathed. 

Set 2  And again the Federer backhand, arguably the most beautiful sight in sport, malfunctions and Rafa holds with a booming serve! 2-1

Set 2 Rog can't get a handle on a fairly tame serve and pops it into the net. Deuce. 

Set 2 First saved.... 30-40. 

Set 2 Rafa has the point at his mercy with some crazy defensive work but hits his final shot long! Two break point chances for Rog. 

Set 2  Rog 15-30 up with a splendid clipped volley at the net.... 

Set 2 Rafa's actually 100 percent when he comes to the net... only done so five times though. 

Set 2 Advantage Rog again... and he holds with a booming serve out wide thar Rafa can't control. 1-1

Set 2 Advantage Rog... and he nets a regulation backhand to let Rafa back in! 

Set 2 Roger saves again as he attacks the net and punches a volley beyond the Spaniard... 

Set 2 Another break point as Rafa gets the better of another other-worldy rally. 

Set 2 Rog saves though... deuce. 

Set 2 30s as Rafa bangs a backhand into non-Rog territory. And the Spaniard has a break point as he plays a glorious point to bamboozle Rog at the net! 

Set 2 Rafa holds as Rog, unusually but not so much in this game, pings a forehand long, 

Set 2 40-30 as Rafa lobs a backhand into the trams... 

Set 2 Nadal to get the second set underway... 

16 Federer winners to just seven from Rafa in the opening set... 

And the Swiss has another record to his name... 

Set 1 And that's it! That Swiss forehand clicks like a cuckoo clock into the far corner and Rog takes the set! First blood! 

Set 1 Huge serve out wide and Rog has three set points! 

Set 1 Beautiful forehand from Rog and it's 4-3... More great stuff from the Swiss at the net and it's 5-3 Federer! 

Set 1 Some glorious net service from Rog gets things back to evens though. 3-3

Set 1 Mini-break! Roger decides to ignore the down the line backhand and plays to Rafa's left, with predictable results. 3-2. 

Set 1 No dice from Rog though, who wins the next, Rafa then takes a 2-1 lead before Rog bangs down an unstoppable serve. 

Set 1 Rafa! What a point! Roger pops a volley into the corner and the Spaniard somehome manages to clip it onto the baseline! 

Roger currently on a 90-percent win ratio on his first serve... 

Set 1 Tie-break! 

Set 1 Roger bizarrely sends a forehand into next week and it's hold point for Rafa. Second serve... 

Set 1 Rafa moves to 40s as Roger chips a return long. Federer whacks a forehand to move to deuce though! Pressure on! 

Set 1 A hold to love as Rafa hits a return slightly long. Roger in fine fettle on serve, can he break in this one to take the set? Just the one break point opprtunity for both players so far. 

Set 1 Wonderful from Federer as he drive volleys and then punches the return into open court. 40-0. 

Set 1 Rafa holds as Rog stabs a backhand wide. 5-5. 

Set 1 40-15 as Rog pops a forehand out to the trams... 

Set 1 Rafa comes charging out as he serves to stay in the set.... 

30-30 as a Roger forehand pops just a little long. The Swiss response? A pair of aces to move to 5-4. 

Set 1 Rog sends a regulation backhand long and then Rafa makes no mistake with a solid forehand to hold! Not the easiest game for the Spaniard, but he did what he needed to do. 

Set 1  Rafa saves! 

Set 1 Uffff. Rafa sends one long and Roger has a break point! 

Set 1 Rafa plays Rog out wide though and gets back to parity. 

Set 1 Ooooh, here we go, Roger plays a masterful point to move to 15-30... first opportunity for either player to pressure the other's serve. 

Set 1 Rafa offers the new ball to his opponent, and swiftly thunders down a serve with the fresh yellow orb that Roger can only punch into the trams. 

Set 1 A net cord does not favour the Spaniard and Roger whacks the offer of a smash into the turf with relish. Hold to love. On serve, 4-3. 

Set 1 But Roger is having none of that nonsense and sends Rafa out wide to move to 40-0. 

Set 1 Rafa rattles though his serve and doesn't give Roger an inch. Hold to love. Now the all-important seventh game, traditionally when Rafa goes for the jugular... 

Rafa makes a dent in the Federer serve with a powerful forehand, but that's all he gets out of the Swiss as he holds to 15. 3-2. 

Roger responds with a fourth ace... 

Roger goes long on a routine forehand and Rafa holds to 30. 2-2. 

Bing, bang, boom! Rafa serves out wide, Rog just about gets a racket to it, and the number two whackes a forehand into open court. 

Federer lays down his first marker with a cracking forehand that Rafa can only punch into the net. 15s. 

Rafa's turn to try and rattle the unflappable Swiss.... 

Federer goes 2-1 up with a solid game. 

  Federer eases to 30-0 with a lovely volley at the net and then holds with consummate ease. 

And Rafa responds with a hold to love... strong service game from the Spaniard... 

Nadal has a chip at the Swiss great but it's a fairly comfortable hold for Federer: 1-0. 

And we're about to get underway... Federer to serve! 

The warm-up is underway... 

The 2008 final, of course, is widely regarded as one the best games of tennis ever played. On the turf, there's never been a three-set game between Rafa and Roger... 

Federer has won six of the past seven meetings between the pair, with one walk-over, and generally has the edge on grass, although suprisingly they've only played three times on the surface, all three games in the final at Wimbledon. 

Quie so, Djoko, quite so... 
Not a bad record... 
Djokovic awaits.... 

The last meeting between the two was at Roland Garros in the semi-finals last month, where Nadal ran out the victor with a 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 win. 

Nadal and Federer, who have a staggering 38 Grand Slam wins between the, go head-to-head again at Wimbledon for a place in the final, where world number one Novak Djokovic awaits the victor. The Spaniard and the Swiss have played each other 39 times in total, with Nadal on top in the head to head with 24 wins over the Swiss. 

Hello and welcome to AS English's live coverage of the Wimbledon semi-final between old friends and rivals Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer. Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer, who have a staggering 38 Grand Slam wins between the, go head-to-head again at Wimbledon for a place in the final, where world number one Novak Djokovic awaits the victor. 

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