McGregor in stunning comeback: 'Etch my name in history'

Back in the octagon and back winning, Dublin born UFC star Conor McGregor revelled in his return on Saturday.

McGregor in stunning comeback: 'Etch my name in history'
Mike Blake REUTERS

"Etch my name in history one more time". That was the message from Conor McGregor after returning with a devastating first-round TKO against Donald Cerrone at UFC 246.

McGregor ended his 15-month absence in stunning fashion, needing just 40 seconds to stop Cerrone in Las Vegas on Saturday.

UFC 246 - Conor McGregor v Donald CerroneMMA Mixed Martial Arts - UFC 246 - Welterweight - Conor McGregor v Donald Cerrone - T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, United States - January 18, 2020 Conor McGregor celebrates his win against Donald Cerrone REUTERS/Mike Blake

Irish star McGregor (22-4) had not fought in the octagon since his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229.

However, former featherweight and lightweight champion McGregor had no trouble at welterweight against veteran Cerrone as he brutally beat the American.

"I like this [welterweight] division," McGregor said in his post-fight interview. "I feel really good. But I came out of here unscathed. I'm in shape. We've got work to do to get back to where I was."

Asked about potential next opponent with Jorge Masvidal in the crowd, McGregor said: "Any one of these fools can get it. All of them. Every single one. It does not matter."

After striking Cerrone (36-14) with his shoulder, McGregor then delivered a devastating kick to the head before a flurry of punches prompted the referee to stop the welterweight bout and main event.

"I'd never seen anything like that," Cerrone said. "He busted my nose, it started bleeding, and he stepped back and head-kicked me. Oh, man. This happened this fast?"