Coronavirus: Jovic Sr defends Real Madrid player over Serbia return

Milan Jovic says a "misunderstanding" led the Real Madrid striker to believe he could leave Spain after testing negative for the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Jovic Sr defends Real Madrid player over Serbia return
Pablo Morano/MB Media Getty Images

Luka Jovic's father has defended his son in the wake of the Real Madrid striker’s decision to break quarantine to travel back to his native Serbia, explaining that a “misunderstanding” led him to believe there was no problem with him leaving Spain.

Speaking to the Serbian media oulet Puls Online, Milan Jovic also addressed talk of the 22-year-old facing criminal charges after allegedly flouting Serbian self-isolation rules following his return to the country.

Criticism for flying back to Serbia:

“He had two tests and both came back negative. However, there was a misunderstanding and he didn’t realise that he still couldn’t leave the country. He thought that he could after his negative tests.”

Jovic at risk of criminal charges:

“Now he’s being made to seem like a criminal. If he has to go to prison, let him go to prison. If he’s guilty of wrongdoing, then I’m completely in agreement with the [Serbian] president and prime minister, [Aleksandar Vucic and Ana Brnabic]. I support the decision - but only if he was in the wrong. He came to Belgrade and shut himself in his apartment straight away. The photos showing him [out] having fun are from Spain and were taken months ago.”

Jovic didn’t travel home for girlfriend’s birthday:

“Luka came to Serbia to be with his family […]. He didn’t come just because of Sofia. He wanted to be with his nearest and dearest in Serbia.”

Family's support for Jovic:

“As a family, we’re right behind Luka and his decision. If people want to criticise him, they should do so in a civilised manner. It doesn’t hurt me, I know the truth. Things have been exaggerated, there were misunderstandings”.